Monday, July 30, 2007

Hurry up and Wait.

Today has been another Crazy day...are there anything but crazy days in my life...I'm just not sure anymore. I had to take the girls to go get immunizations today. Shots...what a great way to spend my day. I got everybody up and out the door (somehow relatively quickly), we got to Stockton (45min from my house) and registered at the desk (10:45am), then we Waited and waited and waited. After 1 hr and 15 min with 5 hungry(snacks got old quickly) bored, and tired kiddos we get called back.'s almost Over is all I can think about. Then they put us in a room, and we wait and wait some more. Aly got 1 shot, Megan got 1 shot, Paige got 1 shot, and Sierra got 3. I had to wake poor Sierra up from her nice little snooze, just so they could poke her 3 times. Load them all back in the car, look at the time (now 1:15pm) and off I go rushing to get home so we can go to Sneak a Peek at school. Thankfully I was able to get a hold of my mom and she came over to the house to watch the younger 3. I knew there was NO WAY they were going to be patient and polite anymore today. (that says something when I actually call my mom to come watch them) So again I rush out the door, walk across the street, go to the classrooms, talk to the teachers, and rush back home. So glad it's to get dinner finished, clean up, get them all bathed and ready for their First Day of School! They start at 8:35am...this will be interesting. I see us walking over with several girls and possibly myself in jammies. lol

I am so NOT ready for tomorrow. I can't believe 2 of my babies will be at school. How will I get by with only 3 girls at home? It's so Hard to watch them grow up and go to school. I can't even think about when they will all be in school. Things will just be too quite and lonely. :)

On another note....we had Fun on Saturday for the girls Parties. Lots of friends and family showed up, and it was HOT! We played on the water slide (from Costco) and bbq'd. It was a lot of work, but nice when it was done. The girls got lots of Great stuff. Kayla is a big Pirates of the Caribbean girl (she loves her Jack Sparrow) and Paige wanted Barbie. So we had two cakes (which thankfully I didn't dump either one of these ones) and lots of Pirate's and Barbie stuff all over. Brad helped me out so much Saturday...from cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping all the hardwood (and trust me there is a lot), getting the slide set up, and bbq'ing, I am most grateful to him and all his help. Sunday was just sitting on our butts all day and watching the girls on the slide.

Here's some pics from the day....
All my babies.
Showing some LOVE....

and even more LOVE. My heart just melts with these girls...=)

Enjoying the slide.

Having some Cake.
Captain "Kayla" Sparrow.
Captain "Aly" Sparrow

Exhausted girls from playing so hard..

Out of the Mouth of Babes:
We put the girls to bed last night and about 10 minutes later Megan comes down the stairs and sits on the bottom stair. Brad and I ask her what's wrong and she looks at us all sad and says..."Kayla called me a Crabby Patty". I literally busted out laughing and had to walk away I was laughing so hard. Brad walked over, put his arm around and said "It's are my Crabby Patty". That made her happy. Yeah...Sponge Bob is a hit in our house, as far as the girls are concerned.

My mom made this (I think it's the Mai Tai Wrap) and we put Megan in it to try it (Megan is 24lbs)

and can't wait till I get mine. =)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Pure Exhaustion

Man...what a day. Brad got home around 2am, so that's when we went to bed. Sierra's been waking more frequently at night lately, so as I climbed into bed, I knew it wouldn't be long before she woke me up. 2:28am...the fuss of a baby. UGH...get out of bed, feed the baby, put her back to bed. Climb back into bed myself, and 2:45am..Paige is fussing slightly. Nothing that I had to tend to, but enough to wake me. Sierra wakes again at 3:30am, and I'm done. I nursed her in bed and we all went back to dreamland.

Got up this morning and weighed in for the Biggest Loser's Challenge that I'm doing and at the start of the week I actually gained weight...WTF??? But as of this morning, I was down 4.5lbs, but technically only down .5lb as far as the BL weigh in stands. It's all good. I still feel good about it. So off I go to work out, and then off to the stores. I took Sierra, and we were out an about ALL DAY! First stop, Target. Then Home Depot, WalMart, and last..Costco. I'm exhausted and just want to go to bed, but that's a no go since I have people coming over tomorrow for Kayla and Paige's B-Day parties. I still need to go to Safeway to get more groceries and such, and I have not cleaned a THING! ruh roh....Looks like another long night for me, since cleaning with them awake is a joke and completely redundant. At least I will have a clean house, and good food for tomorrow (my free day to eat..woohoo). Sleep is so Overrated. lol

Ok..I'm off to get started, I just really don't want to. =)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A First for Me....

Wow, my first blog post. Wonder if I can really make this a go.

Today is going to be a fun one to say the least. Brad will be working 2 shifts today. His usually 6:30am-3:30pm and then from 4pm-aprox 4am. For those who don't know...he does HVAC on commercial buildings down in Silicon Valley which is aprox 1hr 20 min from our house. Yep, he commutes daily. Gets up at 4am to be out the door. I LOVE him so much for enduring this for years to have us in a Great community, a nice home, and for me to be able to stay at home with the girls.

This Sat is Paige and Kayla's joint party, so the fact that Brad will in turn be home tomorrow from working a double shift will be exceptionally nice. I NEED the HELP! Our house looks like a war zone, and I'm so unmotivated to get the nitty gritty. The basic clean I'm fine's the crap stuff like scrubbing the bathroom, and mopping the floors. UGH

The girls also start school this coming Tuesday, and I'm starting to feel the jitters about that as well. Aly will be in 1st grade, dropping her off at 8:35am, picking her up at 2:35pm. Kayla will be in Kindergarten this year. *my babies are growing up* with a drop off at 8:35 (same as Aly, Thankfully) and a pick up of 12:00pm. So 3 jaunts to the school daily as well as trying to get my workout in, and the babies a decent nap. Oh boy....this will be interesting.