Friday, February 29, 2008

No School Today...

So we are heading off to the park! Today is the last semester day, so the teachers are working (bummer for them), and the kids are off. The weather here has been AMAZING!!! I was in shorts and a tank top yesterday, which to most people doesn't seem like a big deal that that is what I was wearing, but even the girls were in shorts and t-shirts. =) WooHoo...Spring is a Coming!

Ok...we are off, pics to follow. Hope you are all enjoying your day as much as we are.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


That would be me today after a very long day yesterday and an even Longer night last night. Poor Brad has worked both days this weekend, Sierra is running a fever and apparently has the flu (took her and the other 4 to Kaiser by myself yesterday in the pouring rain), Alyssa woke up with nightmares, etc....

I'm just BEAT! Oh, and to top it off, I went to my nail appt on Friday with a friend, and my two normal nail ladies weren't there, but some other people were, I walked in and they were ripping up carpet, the spa pedicure chairs were removed (there went my pedi. F$%K!) and my nails turned out like SHIT! So much for enjoying my nail appt and "ME" time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scooby Doo's Culinary Tastes....

Were Megan and Paige's inspiration for what they WANTED for Breakfast! *I'm gagging just thinking about it*

This morning's desire......They would wanted a Hot Dog with Chi Chi (whip cream). EWW!

I tell them, "that's really not meant to be eaten together, would you like something else". Their response..."No mommy, it is REEAALLYY good! Shaggy and Scooby eat it all the time".

After much insisting on my part that it really wouldn't be good, they settled on Lucky Charms. Whew...nastiness averted. =)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday 7th Alyssa!

Wow, my baby isn't really a baby anymore. She's 7 today!

I can't believe how Fast the time has flown by. Alyssa is such a Blessing, and I'm grateful everyday for her. She's an Amazing artist, and will sit patiently for Hours doing some art project, or just coloring me a picture. I'm blown away that 7 years have gone by, and so quickly.

Here's my Gorgeous Birthday Girl! (Don't mind her undone hair, mommy was Lazy...*blushing*)

We had my mom come and watch the girls while we ran all over the Central Valley to get Aly her gift. Aly has been begging for a *pet*, first it was a kitten, mommy said "NO Way!", then it was a bunny, and I was starting to warm up to that, then I went to a mom's group and they had this adorable little thing that was so cute, I rushed home and did my research.

I have the GREATEST Video of her opening her gift, but it won't upload it. :(

We got her a Chinchilla! He's a boy (ok obviously, by the *he*) and an absolute DOLL! He's super FAST, and just a love. He's Great with the girls, totally CLEAN ( a big thing for me), doesn't smell, and just so EASY! (Perfect Pet for me! I didn't want anything to have to spend tons of time on and cleaning up after.)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hey, Long Time No See!

Gosh, I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted till I logged on today. YIKES!

The girls are better, and Brad and I are both on the mend. THANKFULLY! Illness is the unheard issues of having a large family. I swear it mutates to something entirely different by the time it reaches the last one of us, and the circle starts ALL OVER. *I'm tired just thinking about it* Haha.

So I promised some pictures of the girls party (I know over a week ago), so without further BS from they are.

A Birthday Girl!!!
(ok 1 of them, she just woke up) lol

Sweet Sierra and Aunt Karrie.

Cousin Aleksia and Great Aunt Vicki

Sierra and the Butterfly Pinata.
(don't mind the double chins on the lady with the pink hair. UGH)

Some of the "CREW"
L-R (Sierra, Kayla, Megan Paige, Masen *standing*, Alyssa, Aleksia, Blayne, Jacob, and Aaron
Another "Crew" pic.

Blowing out candles...

Aaron & Jacob having some cake and 7up. =)

Getting a ride from Great Uncle Dean....Wheee =)

Tuckered out girl. Partying is Hard work!

Just ask

Here's some of the decorations the day after the party. =)

Thanks for checking out our pics. Off to feed some girls some lunch. =)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We are all so SICK....

I promise I will get the pictures of the party up soon. The girls had a blast, got great presents, lots of food, and yummy cakes! I haven't been around much, due to some sick girl, and now mommy has it. CALGON....TAKE ME AWAY!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Lazy, Tired, and SO much to do...

So today, Brad took the day off, and we are supposed to be working on the house. Here's the real picture. Brad and the girls are watching Tomb Raider, I'm in here on the computer, and other than the few items we've picked up here and there, NOTHING has been done. *cheesy smile* Ok...I went to Costco, the Party Store, and Safeway, and Brad cleaned out the pantry, did dishes, made Banana bread, and cleaned the kitchen.

We have so much more to do, and it needs to be done by 1pm tomorrow. So here's to a long night ahead, and if I'm lucky a Starbuck's in the morning to wake me up from the sleep deprivation from the night before. haha...

I'll post pics of the girls party later tomorrow, or Sunday.