Wednesday, December 31, 2008

January's Resolution.

As stated in the blog below, I've decided to follow Sheri's 12 month resolutions system. I will have a New Resolution for each month.

This month....I am going with De-Cluttering our house! I WILL work on one room a day/night. I WILL get the stuff taken to GoodWill and the items that need to be thrown away, thrown away. I WILL go through the clothes and get rid of said clothes with any holes, stains, rips, or items that I just know I will NEVER put my kids in. (I am bad for keeping clothes thinking..well maybe someday, somebody will want to wear that. LOL) I WILL get that room clean. Vacuuming, dusting, wiping things down. I so WANT the De-Cluttered and Clean home. That is my Resolution for January.

I am so BAD about blogging....

I just don't get why I can't remember to get on her and jot down a few notes, thoughts, funnies that my kids make. That is my New Year's Resolution...ok that and to declutter my home, get more organized, pay off debt, save more money, etc. I guess I should throw losing weight in there. haha

I hope you all had a Fantastic Christmas! I know we did, and I got one of the BESTEST presents EVER! Noah gave me his first smile! Talk about a melting the heart moment. Even though I was told how much I would love having a son, nothing prepared me for it. I have the most AMAZING family. I just love them all to pieces!

Ok..enough mushy stuff. We have 5 more days of Winter Break and it's back to school. I am so NOT ready. I like being able to sleep in till 7:30-8am. But I do find that I'm more on top of things when I'm held getting kids to school and being dressed by 8am. Again...part of my New Year's Resolutions.

One of my friends, Sheri, does resolutions by the month instead of the year. I think I'm going to give that a whirl instead. Thanks Sheri!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Body...

Nothing makes you feel *Thin* like having a baby...haha

Here's a 38w belly pic:

3hrs after Noah arrived:

and 3 days after: not THIN, but wow how FAST the body can shrink!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Noah Christian has made his arrival.....

A Very QUICK one at that. Here's my Birth Story that took almost 3 weeks to write. I've back dated it though so it falls on his actual Birthday! Welcome to the World Sweet Boy! We LOVE you!

I've been reflecting a lot on the birth of my "Little Man" and I finally have a moment to sit and get it all down.

I'm not sure how much everyone knows, but since the middle of Oct I had been having Anlots of contractions & BH, as well as raised BP. My dr's were seeing me weekly and the contractions/BH, BP issues, and the fact that Sierra came early put me in their category of "Risk for Pre-Term".

I was told at my 35w appt that they thought the baby to be aprox 7lbs already. *EEK* was all I was thinking. I was hoping and praying he came around the 37.5 week mark so I wouldn't have to push out a toddler. :giggle: Time rolled by and I got through BooVille (school carnival I helped organize), and Halloween (where the walking around brought my contractions to a point
of me having to stop and breath through them), as well as the Halloween parties for the girls. Next thing I knew, we were out of the "pre-term" risk category, and into full term. WooHoo! Now baby could come at any time. I was having constant contractions that would come every 10 min apart but would taper out after a few hours.

Nov 15th...My sisters birthday. Hoping and praying that baby wouldn't come that day. My sister was in San Francisco (aprox an hour away) celebrating her birthday with friends and family. I was so not going to be that far away from the hospital. Instead, we hung close to home, finished getting the Garden and the backyard ready for winter.

Nov 16th...Brad and My 12yr Anniversary! We mostly had a chill day/cleaning up around the house. Brad took the older 2 girls on some errands to Home Depot & Lowes, and then came home and got the younger 3 (dropped off the older 2) and went to the Grocery store to pick up some things to make me dinner for our Anniversary. (He made a really good Beef Stir Fry and Rice.) While he was at the grocery store, I had (for the first time with any of my pregnancies) a “bloody show” and was having contractions every 4-5 min, but would have them for like an hour and gone for an hour, then have them for an hour. I knew at that point that baby would be coming that night or by tomorrow. It freaked me out and made me excited all in one huge range of emotions. With all my girls except Sierra, (her water leaked before hand with no contractions) I woke up with contractions and when they got close enough/painful enough I went in to the hospital. So this was an all new experience for me. I told Brad when he got home about the show and he said “cool, so I won’t have to go to work tomorrow?” I laughed and said with all that was going on, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with him going to work the next day REGARDLESS! (He works about 1-1.5hrs away from home.)

We went to bed around 11pm and my contractions had completely stopped. I was starting to think I was wrong about it “happening” tonight or tomorrow. I was however grateful that the baby at this point would not come on our Anniversary.

I woke up to this weird jolting stomach zing at 12:51am. I felt like when you wake up with diarrhea. I laid there for a minute hoping it would go away, and at 12:53 had another stomach type pain. I remember mentally thinking...”ok, ok, I’ll get up and go”. When I went to get out of bed I felt very minor leaking. I thought I was feeling things at first, and then I tried to move again. I KNEW I was NOT imagining it. I was leaking and it was a pretty good leak. I some how KNEW I couldn’t get out of bed without my water gushing. I woke Brad up, more like startled the crap out of him. Poor guy...I just kinda belted out “my water just broke”. He was out of the bed so fast. He told me not to move. He then told me to stay where I was and that we needed to call Karrie right away. I really wanted to get out of bed and into the shower, but laid there while he got the phone so I could call my sister. He insisted she be called first, and even though I was not having contractions I agreed it was probably best.

Once the call was made, I scooted myself off the bed (Thank Goodness I was facing the edge of the bed and not rolled over facing the middle...otherwise, I have no idea how I would have gotten out of bed) and remember being grateful that I had thrown a towel next to the bed a few days earlier “just in case”. Haha. At this point I felt the GUSH! I was telling Brad I NEED more towels. He brought them and then made a pathway of towels from the bed to the shower for me to walk on. That was the Worst feeling. I could feel my stomach deflating and the never ending water was freaking me out. I got to the shower and went to pull my shorts off when I noticed that my underwear were inflated like a balloon. How in the world that happened I will never know, but I am thankful for those Lane Bryant panties that I had on. I got into the shower and felt my first contraction at 1:11am. Nothing to write home about, and I didn’t get my next one till 20 min later. I stayed in the shower for about 30-40 min just enjoying the nice warm water, and also waiting for my water to stop leaking. Got out, got dressed and the contractions were still not coming very close together. I finished packing the items that I needed, my sister showed up, and at about 2:45am we left for the hospital.

Right before we left my contractions were actually starting to pick up and became the “breath” through kind of contractions. During the car ride there, things really picked up. The ride was kinda bumpy, and it made the contractions so much worse. We got to the hospital around 3am and I waddled my way upstairs to L&D with Brad’s assistance.

I was put into observations where the 2nd nurse came in (the 1st was a nurse in training) and said that being this was baby #6, that if I knew I was in labor than I was. My midwife came in and talked to Brad and I for a few minutes. They admitted me at 3:30am and walked me over to my birthing suite. The midwife never left me from that point on. She stayed in the room rubbing my back, arm, head, she was so Encouraging, and seriously just AMAZING! When we got to the birthing room, I felt the need to pee. I sat on the toilet, and ended up staying there for about 40 minutes laboring. Brad and the Midwife sat with me. I was in a lot of pain at this point so I had them check me at 4:04am. I was a very “loose” 6 and I decided to get the phentenol (sp?). It worked like a charm for all of 20 min. My contractions were every 2 minutes and so INTENSE! It was like I couldn’t catch a moment in between. I asked if I could have some more of the phentenol and she said I had to wait an hour. You better believe I was watching the clock, and at 5:05 I was asking for more drugs. She told me that she already knew I would be delivered very soon and that I probably wouldn’t be able to have more. I still begged her to check me cause I was hurting and didn’t believe that the baby would be here. At 5:15am she checked me, and all she said was baby was at -2 station and that she was going to get dressed. I started to feel the pressure/urge to push, but it wasn’t intense like when you know the baby is coming. She told me if I felt like pushing to listen to my body and just don’t “bear down” with the contractions. I started letting my body do the pushing to the extent that it felt it needed.

At 5:24 I felt a huge “pop and a thunk” can’t think of another way to describe this. It felt like his head pop under the pelvic bone, and within seconds he was crowning. She had me slow my breathing and just breath through the delivery of his head (which was coming very very fast). Head was out and cord was wrapped, but she was able to unloop it pretty easily. One more deep and intense push, and Noah was here. 5:28am Poor little guy was so bruised from being delivered so fast.(this was said many times during our stay from all the nurses and drs. “Oh, he must have been born very fast...he has a lot of bruising.”) They put him on my stomach and he started to pee. I was the first to catch this, maybe cause he was peeing on me, but we all laughed. Just like his sisters, he is a sprawler and loves having his arms and legs fully extended. One of the things I remember really noting was that they never broke down my bed, put stirrups up, made it into a very hospital type setting. It was as close to a home delivery as I could ever imagine. I just delivered in the bed with the help of Brad. Very Awesome!

His apgars were 9 & 10! Aside from the bruising my little man was perfect and Holy Crap BIG to boot. He was 9lbs .08ozs and 21.5" long.

There were some minor issues with delivering the placenta and sac. The placenta came out, but the sac was tearing as we were trying to push placenta out. So she had to twist and carefully manipulate the sac out. I had no tearing, but a very minor abrasion (skid) which required no stitches.

His labor and delivery were very FAST, but the most intense of all 6 deliveries. The contractions every 2 min made it very difficult to keep myself calm and relaxed. Brad was Absolutely Amazing (like always) during the entire labor and delivery. He kept me focused, told me he knew I could do this, assured me when he knew I was almost done, when I thought I wasn’t, that baby would be here very soon. I should also mention that Brad was totally sick with a horrible cold. He had been miserable for days prior to delivery. He didn’t want to get Noah sick, so he didn’t get to hold Noah till he was many hours old, and it was very brief. His first real time of holding him was the next day when we took some pics.

Here’s some pics. I don’t have any from labor or delivery all went to fast and there was NO way I was letting go of Brad’s hand to let him take pics. Thanks for taking the time to reading this...I’m sure I will come back and update bits and pieces here and there. =)

First look at Noah...Oh so flattering shot of me, but all good for the sake of memories..

AHHH Bliss!

Getting checked out:

An hour after delivery...That's my AWESOME midwife...

First Family pic..Little man was all of 4 hrs old and thrown into the mix of chaos. hehe




Sierra...she didn't want to sit still for the pic. :(


You can see how bruised he was here:



Me, Megan, Sierra, and Noah...

Getting ready to go home:

Ready to go:

Resting at home:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Picture Day at School....

Here's some pics from this morning:

Oh what fun times. Why oh why today does it have to be windy. And it's hot too. Does not make for a good hair day. :( Add that to me being up 6:30am to start and you've got a tired mommy. :)

Although the girls hair turned out pretty cute. I had to give it some Extra oomph so it would it wouldn't be completely flat by the time they took pictures. Both girls hair were already going flat by the time I dropped them off.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Grandma Gail is coming.....

The girls are so excited to see Grandma Gail (Brad's mom). She'll be coming down Saturday morning from Redding. So today is a busy day of cleaning up for Grandma as well as all the drawing and projects that the girls have for their grandma. Let's just say Grandma may need another suitcase to take home all the colorings and such. *hehe*

The only agenda for Friday is going to the Booville Meeting at school. Some may remember that I was involved with Booville last year as well. It's a Halloween type carnival, minus the rides. Food, Games, Haunted Houses, as well as all the individual Class themed lawn art.

Should be a fun filled weekend of visiting, and then re-staining (putting teak oil) on the teak furniture outside so we can put it on Craigslist. Haha

Hope you all have a Fantastic weekend, and I'll post some pics of Grandma's visit.

Friday, August 15, 2008

26 Weeks and Counting....

This is what 6 pregnancies will do to you...*YIKES* lol

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Megan vs The Window Sill

The Window Sill WON! :(

So miss Megan was on my bed and I hear a thud, some crying, and that's when I see it....the blood. We still aren't sure if she was jumping on the bed, or just fell backwards. Either way her head and the window sill connected in a rather not so nice way.

Here's some pics of her battle wound. These are pretty now would be the time to scroll down...hehe

Here's a pic with the staple. Doesn't look much different, but I guess it does the job. He also said that since it was in the hair, no issues with scarring or needing anything more to close the wound.

She did so AWESOME! First she won all the hearts of everyone who worked at the hospital. She was Sweet and totally Polite to all. Even after I explained that she would need stitches, which by the pic above you can tell she actually got a staple, she was totally fine with it.

Dr examine it, cleaned it, put some numbing cream on it and had her lay down for 10 min. He told me it might hurt a little, but it was better this route than to give her 2 shots, and still have to actually sew it up. Since it was in the hair, I was fine with the was she. :) They told me to have her talk to me, so we were coming up with ways to sneak up on daddy when we got home and surprise him. ;) The tool they used looked very similar to this one:

He gave her the staple and Megan gives me a big smile and says "That didn't even hurt". She was so proud of herself, and I must say...I was more than Proud! She been acting like nothing even happened since we got to the hospital and will have her staple removed in 10 days. Hey, at least this kid didn't require the ambulance ride for her head injury. (that would be Kayla) *wink wink*

Here a pic when we got home. Her hair was in 2 very funny loose ponies to help keep the area exposed for them to do the staple.

Here's a couple of other pics of the Megan, Paige and Aly. They all got Pink Highlights to be like mommy. Kayla got a Blue "Peek a boo", but it didn't stay to well in her hair. I'll get pics of that tomorrow and post, as well as better pics of the girls highlights. =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

These are Cakes are Hilarious....

You must check them out. A friend from my mommies site posted this blog with Cake Wrecks. I was laughing so hard.

You have to keep going to the older posts as well. The Fireman one was to die for Funny! I so need that for one of Brad's Poker Nights. *hahahaha*

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today is my Sweet Paige's 3rd Birthday!!!


I can't believe how FAST the time has come and gone. She is such a BRIGHT and Beautiful girl! She's a Wonderful Sister, so sensitive and just a LOVE. I'm so very proud of her!

Wow...3! Why do my babies have to keep growing up. Here's some pics of Paigey right after birth:

and then again the next day. We were getting ready to head home:

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!! Mommy, Daddy, and Sissies LOVE YOU!!! (Noah too) ;)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Latest Favorite Song.....

What more is there to say! He's got an AMAZING voice (Yeah've been telling everyone that FOREVER! lol, and you are RIGHT) and there's just something about the song. It brings tears to my eyes. Maybe the movie clips and the sentimental value of it, or maybe just my Hormonal ass crying over Always. haha

Friday, May 30, 2008

Pukefest 2008....AGAIN???

I swear didn't we just do this???

It all starts technically 2 weeks ago when Kayla ended up in the E/R and the Dr's office for Breathing treatments with a really BAD case of Croup and Chest fun! She was almost admitted, but x-rays/bloodwork came back ok.

Then on Monday morning (long story...but here's the end result) the front of my oven (pretty new from kitchen remodel) glass exploded. Again...How fun!

and here's how it all follows:

Monday: Sierra runs 101-102 fever and come afternoon starts throwing up. Goes to bed with no throwing up...that's the good thing.

11pm Paige (after 4 days of diarrhea) start throwing up....and this continued every 10-15 minutes like clockwork the whole night (and next day) with a fever.

11pm I start throwing up. Yeah...poor Brad at this point. The guy seriously didn't sleep the whole night. We had gone to bed at 10:30pm.

12am Sierra wakes up with 103.5 fever...thankfully no throwing up anymore.

Tuesday: Paige is still throwing up every 10-15 min with diarrhea. Call dr, ends up at hospital dehydrated. So IV fluids and thankfully Zofran for the vomiting. After blood draw and most of the day, they let us go home.

Wednesday: Kayla starts throwing up in the afternoon, and continues all night long every 20-30 min.

Paige still has diarrhea and fever

4am Sierra out of the blue throws up on 2 separate occasions. She too still has fever.

Thursday: Kayla still throwing up and has low grade fever.

Paige...still lethargic and has fever.

Sierra...still has fever. Both Paige and Sierra pretty much stayed at the 101 mark the whole time.

11:00 Megan keeps waking up with a croupy type cough..not quite the barking seal, but not a normal cough either.

12:30 Megan wakes up throwing up. Continues through the night.

Friday: Megan still throwing up, but handling it well.

Kayla was going to school, but something was kinda off so I told her I wanted her to stay home...after much sadness...she agrees. Get in the car to take Aly to school, and she starts throwing up.

Paige....WooHoo...she's almost completely back to normal...talking up a storm, wanted to get dressed and do her hair, drinking. Still not eating, but I'm working on trying to get some little things in. has that wheezy growly type cough, but no vomiting or diarrhea.

Brad...he's doing all he can to keep from throwing up at work, and has a critical lab down (does HVAC) and can't leave work till it's done. :( far so good, but I anticipate tonight or tomorrow will be her turn. If I can stay out of the hospital E/R and dr's office for a few days...I may just make it. top it off...I am a coordinator for our whole 1st grade classes Luau that they are having on Wednesday. So still working on that as well.

If you got this far...BLESS YOUR HEART!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Time just passes by...

I have no excuses! Time just passes by and before I realize....days, weeks, and even a month go by with no posts from me. I will really try harder to get here daily, and to check on all my blogging "friends".

So here's the most recent update on us:

Baby #6 will be gracing us with it's presence around Nov 21st. (all my girls were a week early except for Sierra who came 3 weeks early) So as of today..I'm 12w3d with baby. =) Very EXCITED, and VERY DONE!!! Yeah, I know you have all heard that before. But Seriously...Done! I've talked with many moms who say they "just knew" when they were done, and I was like, cool...I hope I feel that way someday. Someday has COME! We are DONE after this little one.

Aly & Kayla only have 4 more weeks of school. How crazy and exciting! I can't wait for summer, but then again....I will then have a 2nd grader and a 1st grader. I will only have to go to the school 2xs a day. What will I do with myself?

Megan, Paige, & Sierra...Talk about a small mixture of personality. I swear Megan has the biggest Attitude of all 5 girls. We call it "Little Girl Syndrome". Like because she's petite, she has something to prove. lol Yet, she's still a really sweetie with some of the funniest saying/funnies. Paige...I can't believe she's going to be 3 soon. She's growing up and our next feat is POTTY Training. UGH...I figure once school is out, and I can devote a straight week of cleaning floors without having to constantly leave to drop off, pick up, pick up again, then we will start. Sierra...Her latest and to me the funniest thing is her laugh. She likes to throw her head back, cover her mouth and give the Biggest Belly Laugh!!! LOVE IT! She loves being with her sisters and is just so much fun.

Brad...Now there's a busy man! With the weather warming up, he's been busy at work, and busy working on the garden in the back yard. Not to mention he built a friend of ours 3 garden boxes for their family. I tease him that we have more fruit/veggies/garden items on our 7400 sqft lot than most do on an acre. Let me list some of "Brad's Farmers Market":

3 Apple trees
2 Pear trees
8 Blueberry bushes
4 Grape vines
1 Passion Fruit vine
Many..Many Tomato plants in many varieties
3 different type of Pepper plants
Many cucumbers plants, again different varieties
2 Pumpkin plants
4 Artichoke plants
Several kinds of squash (zucchini, spaghetti squash, yellow squash, etc)
Well Over 100 strawberry plants (he has a whole garden box devoted to these alone)
4 Blackberry Bushes (He got those for me..=) and they are thornless!)
1 Avocado tree

Well...that's all I can think of right now. I know there's more, but you get the gist of it. =)

Me...I'm doing better now. Had some morning sickness (before you decide I'm having a boy...I've had it with each one and almost exactly the same as each girl). I'm still tired, but doing much better. Just in the "I feel so fat" stage and don't look pregnant yet. Oh biggie, and soon enough I'll be sporting a big ole belly. haha Just in time for Summer.

And just because nobody has really seen pics of my Beautiful girls lately...My sister came and took these Friday so we could give our mom a pic for Mother's Day. She did a Great job, especially for such an impromptu photo shoot and minutes to get them together. Thankfully I had bought the dresses for a wedding we will be going to over Memorial Day weekend. =)

Here's my babies, and one with my niece as well...Aren't they all GORGEOUS?!?!?!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Miley Ray Cyrus....

So my girls totally are NOT into Hannah Montana, yeah all there friends are, but they would rather clean up than watch the show. Funny thing, they LOVE this song, and I have to admit...It's one of my favorites right now as well. Did I just say that out loud. *blushing* lol

Wednesday, March 26, 2008's been awhile.

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted. Between packing for Disneyland, going to Disneyland, getting back and having Easter the next day, unpacking, being sick with yet another damn cold (I swear we are destined to be sick FOREVER), and playing with the girls while they are on Spring Break, I have had no time for the computer. Jeez...I'm just now downloading the pics from Disneyland and we've been home for a week now. *eek*

So here they are:

At the "Honey I Shrunk the Audience" show

The girls got to help with a demonstration at the Mission Tortilla Factory in
California Adventure Park.

On a ride with dad.

They changed Tom Sawyers Island to a Pirate Island now. Loved it.
Here's the girls and I with Captain Jack Sparrow. He rode the fairy over to the island with us, and told me how much he loved my hair. lol

Playing at Pirate Island

Brad, Aly, & Kayla on the "Wild Train" Ride.

Group shot!

Jesse & Kayla

Jesse & Aly

Aly & Kayla on Dumbo

One of the Many, many cute shots I got of Sierra, but didn't want to overdo it with pics of her. =)