Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No School - Happy Thanksgiving!

WooHoo!!! No School today! We are going to be working on getting the house all clean for Thanksgiving. We will be having Thanksgiving here, and it will be just the 7 of us. I very Excited and In Need of some down time with my family. The plan is to cook, bake, deep fry the Turkey, and watch movies. WooHoo, WooHoo!!! There are a couple I'm dying to see (no pun intended lol) I'm a big Action movie person.

Movie line up:

For anybody who Actually knows me won't be surprised by this one....these are my ULTIMATE FAVORITE movie series. There is just something about Bruce Willis (*swooning*)

Escape Clause (Santa Clause 3)

We are all excited to see this one. We Love watching the first 2, so this will be probably one of the first ones we see. (now how can I can convince them that Bruce should come first.....*scratches her chin*)

Oceans 13

Another movie I am eagerly anticipating. Do you see a theme with my movies??? Lots of good ACTION, with Sexy Men. Hahahaha In all seriousness, I really am an Action Movie type of girl. Love stories are ok once in a while, but I need the Thrill and Excitement of Danger and things Blowing Up!

The Polar Express

One of our Family Favorites. To be honest, we have already watched it a few times. But we will probably watch this one again as well, to get all in the Christmas spirit.

If I don't make it back here tomorrow, I hope you all have a SAFE and WONDERFUL..........Turkey Day!

Friday, November 16, 2007

11 AWESOME Years!!!

11 years ago today, I pledged my love and commitment to Brad. Today...I am more in love with him and so BLESSED to have him in my life! He's a Wonderful Husband, an AMAZING Father, and my Best Friend Always! Thanks babe for always being there. I LOVE YOU!

Here's a couple of pics of us on our wedding. =)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poster Family for "GET YOUR FLU SHOT!"

Holy has started pouring in our household again. This week alone, Sierra was diagnosed with Pneumonia, Aly and Kayla with ear infections, Brad with a Sinus infection, and myself with Bronchitis. Paige and Megan have the worst cold/cough I think either of them have ever had. So raspy and phlemy. YUCK!

We were there back on Oct 5th, and I asked about the flu shot. Unfortunately, they didn't get them in till Oct 15th. So I figured....we would be there on Nov 19th for Sierra's "well baby" check, we would get them then. Go figure a week and a half before, we all end up sick! UGH

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cheesecake Factory & Friends...

Today I met up with 2 of the mommies that I chat with online at Jean (flutterby), her two Adorable daughters (Cadence & Faith), and Jen and her Gorgeous daughters (Avery and Addison). Karrie (my sister) also went with me.

I had a GREAT time and enjoyed the visit. Here are some pics from our mommy meet up.

Karrie (my sister), Jean , and her daughters Faith & Cadence:

Jen & her daughter Avery:

and Jen's other daughter Addison:

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Campus Beautification

Yesterday (Saturday) was Campus Beautification at Aly and Kayla's School. So Aly, Kayla, Megan, and myself headed over to plant some plants, weed, pick up garbage. I am happy to say that the 4 of us got quite a bit done. I planted 6 trees, and the girls did AWESOME at picking up trash. ( I am very proud of them, while they were picking up trash, all the other kids were playing on the playground) I wasn't a totally meanie...they picked up trash for 30 min and then played pretty much the rest of the day. hehe

I also weeded 2 rather large, and overgrown Kindergarten "Earth Day" garden boxes. Our family was the last ones to leave. It was held from 10am-2pm. The campus looks Great and even though I'm sore...I feel like I did something really good for both my girls, and for their school. I forgot my camera, but I know there were several snapping pics to put in the school newsletter and yearbook. So hopefully I can snag one of those. to spend some time with my family...not gardening. =)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Butterfly Princess, Pirate, Witch, Devil, and Pumpkin...OH MY!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN a day late! What an exhausting month October was, and Halloween..utterly EXHAUSTING. *said with many yawns*

I was up till 4am starting/finishing Aly's costume, and then got up at 7am to get the girls all ready and off to school. Thankfully Brad stayed home and helped me SO MUCH! We all ( them all dressed and out the door at 9:30am) headed off to school to drop the older two off, and then waited till 10am for the "parade". Which when all was said and done didn't actually start till more like 10:20. The kids were all so Cute/Funny/Scary/and all around AWESOME! Of course my two were the cutest, but that's just a biased mom talking. After the parade, we ran home for 30 min...just long enough to change some diapers, feed Sierra, load up 24 pumpkins in a wheelbarrow (thank you bub), get the snacks for party #1 & party #2, then we headed back to school. Went to party #1 for Kayla, and had fun. Then headed off to party #2 (I'm the room mom in this class) and got that one underway. The kids did GREAT! We did Caramel Apples, Decorated pumpkins (that they picked from our Pumpkin patch set up outside the classroom), some fun Halloween math problems (the safe way to extend any Halloween party without getting into trouble *wink wink*, and Pin the Smile on the Jack O' Lantern. The kids ate tons of snacks brought in by parents (they were so yummy). Then we were done. *falls down to catch a breath*. We headed home after cleaning up, and carved a couple and decorated a couple more pumpkins. Then off we headed to do our Trick or Treating. The girls had lots of FUN! Came home, ate some real food, before letting the girls have 2 candies each, got ready for bed, and then Brad and I PASSED OUT!

Here's are some pics from our Halloween Day....

The skirts that I made:

and here are my Butterfly Princess, Pirate, Witch, Devil, & Pumpkin: (they are so CUTE!!!)