Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sometimes the little things are the Best things EVER.....

There is nothing better than being able to Avoid Drama by using such a simple little thing...Caller ID. I can choose to answer and have a Great conversation with laughter OR simply ignore and save myself the heartache, stress, or the waste of my time. Isn't that what answering machines are for anyway...to take the unwanted calls?

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE to chat on the phone. Just ask any of my friends. I'm sure they on several occasions have used that simple little piece of joy to "ignore" me as well. We all have those moments. If you don't have Caller ID, call your phone company and get it. It's a MUST!

Now if only I could get that limo window put up in my Expedition. Then I could really drown out the DRAMA! lol

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now I remember why we only do family get together every so often...

It was a pretty crazy 18 hours here in the Bechtold house. The kids LOVED having Grandma Gail and Aunt Laura here...mom and dad....not so sure.

No matter how much one expresses how well you have to watch 6 kids, they still just don't/won't get it.

No, you can not leave glasses/soda cans just anywhere. They will be drank or dumped.

No....you can not just take a drive around the corner leaving a 2, 4, & 5 year old ALONE in the backyard. Not just any backyard, but we live in a Country Club which means on the golf course, with the fences that kids can WALK RIGHT THROUGH!
Especially when there is a big lake on said golf course and a pond right against the neighboring fence and yours. *You are not Allowed Privacy Fences except for 3/4 of your side fence.* (I'll find a pic to show what I'm talking about)

No...it is not a good idea to leave the 8 yr old in charge of the kids while you leave to drop off your 52 yr old DAUGHTER around the corner so her friend can pick her up. (Why said friend couldn't come into the country club to pick up Aunt Laura...we have no idea) Then to have the 8 yr old sitting in front of the door to make sure that the younger kids don't go out the front door. Yep...they left the front door unlocked. (we have a double deadbolt for a reason)

When somebody tells you that they do not wish to hear about the details of a very sad and tragic story (which we heard about when it happened) involving a young girl, her mother, and somebody who broke in and was waiting in their apt. PLEASE LISTEN! I have enough Anxieties of the safety of my kids. (and like posted above leave my kids alone the next morning with an unlocked door)

And people thought mama bears were protective. I have never been more in AWE, shocked, and PROUD of my husband when he let his mother have it for actually doing the things above and putting our kids lives in jeopardy. I will say she was so remorseful and apologized over and over again. Which we accepted.

While I know that Grandma Gail and Aunt Laura Love these kids deeply...I can now answer the question that was asked of me in the Grocery store by Aunt Laura. NO if you lived closer I would NOT TRUST you to watch my kids. I trust very few and those few know who they are. There's a reason that Brad and I don't go on many date nights. Having 6 kids, 8 and under is not easy and that's coming from somebody who birthed and is raising them. Would I love more children... you betcha, but if we did....I'm starting to think Date Night may just be have to be in the Backyard. Hahaha.....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My little man is trying to crawl.

Here he is. I will have to get some video of it as well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mommy and me date....

So Brad and I have been talking lately and decided that the older girls and I need to start spending some more one on one time together. So today Aly and I went to breakfast together, then to Barnes and Noble, and then to get mani/pedi's together.

Wow....it was such a BLAST! I never knew what a Great conversation that an 8 year old and I could have over breakfast and how much more I could learn about her. Or how much fun it is to skim all the books in the book store and giggle at pictures. Not to mention going over colors and talking about how fun and relaxing it was to get our nails done together. I can't wait till next weekend to do it again. Next up is Kayla!

She has so far requested Breakfast and will let me know what else sounds like fun. I can totally see this one telling me the batting cages or something like that, and let me tell you...I would love that as well. =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vertical Gardening.....

We decided to do something different this year with the Tomatoes, Peppers, and Strawberries. The tubes are filled with 600 strawberries, and the buckets have 4 tomato plants each. We are working on a pepper bucket. Those pics will have to come soon. For now...here's part of our vertical garden:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Cuteness...

Noah playing out on the deck while the girls played on the grass.

It was so nice and hot out, we let the kiddies play in the sprinklers. And yes...they are wearing bathing suits under those shirts. Just trying to keep the sun off those shoulders. =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Sierra!!!

Little Miss Sierra is 2! My baby girl is so BIG! I can't believe 2 years have gone so quickly.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Happy 5th Birthday Miss Megan!

My baby girl is 5! I can't believe she will be starting Kindergarten this year. Time has just flown by and it's been the BEST!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Title says it all!

I am 33 today and feel GREAT about it! I have an Amazing hubby, 6 Beautiful and Smart children, a Nice home, and a FANTASTIC life. What more could I ask for? *ok..a small part of me would love Wii Fit, a Laptop, a massage/day at the spa, but that's not asking for alot...right?* lol

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She DID IT!!! 1st PLACE!!!!

Aly took 1st place in the 2nd Grade Spelling Bee today! Words can not describe how Proud and Happy we are for her, as well as for her! She BLEW Brad and I away today. Congratulations Baby!

Here's a short video of her spelling the word the little boy missed correctly and then the word that won the spelling bee. =)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paige vs Poopy Panties....

After months and months of a cleaning poopy panties, Paige had done it. She pooped in the potty!!! I hope and pray that she will keep this up. As with Aly, I am so PROUD of Paige and her triumph over the" poop in the panties" battle. WTG Paige!!!

Alyssa is a SUPERSTAR!!

My Awesome girl took 1st place in her 2nd grade classroom spelling bee!!! She has now advanced to the entire 2nd grade spelling bee. 424 words are on that list. *yikes* We will be studying hard. I am so Proud of her!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cute shirt and even cuter little man.....

I have a thing about funny shirt sayings. One of my favorites (will be worn to our tax appt) is a onesie with a dollar sign and says...."Tax Deduction". haha

So here's my Adorable little man wearing one of the shirts that I have found that I love.

Not the happiest of campers. :(

and just because it's his first somewhat smile I have caught on camera...(his first was Christmas morning...what a Gift that was!)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Productivity....Yay or Nay???

Things I have accomplished for Month 1: (day 1 & 2)

Done the dishes a few times
Watched Step-Brother
Watched a Traveling to Disney World on a Dime. (Good for future reference)
Laundry (sadly I really can't say that I have done this, because Brad does all the laundry, I just help fold it.)
Went grocery shopping
Changed roughly 20 diapers
Played on the computer (looking up videos on Youtube, J05, downloading music..all very Productive things if I do say so myself)
Brushed teeth (the kids teeth, and of course myself as well)
Policed a few fights between kids and the Plasma cars
Made Monkey Bread (yeah, that was Great for the waist line)

Thing we were supposed to be working on for day 1 & 2:

Cleaning out the garage (that alone will take the whole month of January)
Putting the holiday stuff in the garage back up in the overhead
Sweep/Mop kitchen and dining room floors (this should be easy being that we have the Hoover Floormate that does the sweeping, mopping, and even the drying. Yet it has not moved)

So while I can't say that I've been super productive, I can say that Step-Brother is Hella funny and totally worth Owning, I have yummy food (some even healthy) in the house, and the girls Will have something to wear to school on Monday.

WooHoo for us!

Ok, seriously...I'm getting off to go help in the garage now. (or to go fold clothes) ;)