Saturday, October 9, 2010

Talk about a DAY....

So Brad had to work today and I decided I'm Superwoman, after taking all 7 bowling yesterday, surely I can handle running a bunch of errands by myself with 7 kids.......

I did do it, but not without EXHAUSTING myself! Here's how our day went:

Left here at 10am and went to the post office.

From post office we went to Lollipops (Kids hair cutting to follow soon) to get Noah's mop cut. He looks adorable by the way! I just love short spiky hair on little boys. ;-)

Next we went to Starbuck's for a treat to enjoy while getting the truck washed. I'm talking the full everybody out of the car and had the inside of the car cleaned as well. Fed the baby at this little rest stop.
Got them all loaded back into our clean ride and headed to Oodles of Noodles for lunch. That's right...I took all 7 of them into a restaurant by myself (a Mongolian BBQ style one at that). I ate a few bites for my late lunch and then it was time to go. The kids were done and apparently so was I. lol

Left lunch and headed to home for a quick change of clothes for The Boy. He peed out and before I could take him into Safeway he needed a wardrobe change. Changed Brooke-tini as well.

Off to Safeway we went. Now that was a fun trip. Grocery shopping with them all after a day filled with errands.

So an hour and half later I got home. It is now 5pm. As I open the back of the Denali out jumps 3 gallons of milk at me. I caught 2, but the 3rd got away from me and busted open at my feet. Ewww is all I will say to that one. Grabbed the milk, ran what was left of it to the lawn and let it finish spilling out there....not that there was anything really to save.

Grabbed the hose and hosed out the garage and driveway. Did you know that Milk actually stains concrete...kind of gross when you think about it. Something that stains concrete and I drink/eat it with all kinds of things.

So as I'm putting away groceries I tell the kids to go clean there room. I'm 3/4 of the way done and run downstairs to put something in the office and low and behold, there are my oldest 4 playing games on the computer! Needless to say, they are now upstairs with their jammies on, cleaning their room. And to be honest...that is how I ended up here posting this to my blog.

Guess I should take a cue from myself and go finish putting those groceries away on the counter. Better yet, can I put on my jammies and go to my room???

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Still working on some changes.....

I haven't given up already...I promise. I actually have a post from yesterday that is waiting for me to finish it so I can post it. I will get to just may take a few days. =-)