Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Picture Day at School....

Here's some pics from this morning:

Oh what fun times. Why oh why today does it have to be windy. And it's hot too. Does not make for a good hair day. :( Add that to me being up 6:30am to start and you've got a tired mommy. :)

Although the girls hair turned out pretty cute. I had to give it some Extra oomph so it would it wouldn't be completely flat by the time they took pictures. Both girls hair were already going flat by the time I dropped them off.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Grandma Gail is coming.....

The girls are so excited to see Grandma Gail (Brad's mom). She'll be coming down Saturday morning from Redding. So today is a busy day of cleaning up for Grandma as well as all the drawing and projects that the girls have for their grandma. Let's just say Grandma may need another suitcase to take home all the colorings and such. *hehe*

The only agenda for Friday is going to the Booville Meeting at school. Some may remember that I was involved with Booville last year as well. It's a Halloween type carnival, minus the rides. Food, Games, Haunted Houses, as well as all the individual Class themed lawn art.

Should be a fun filled weekend of visiting, and then re-staining (putting teak oil) on the teak furniture outside so we can put it on Craigslist. Haha

Hope you all have a Fantastic weekend, and I'll post some pics of Grandma's visit.

Friday, August 15, 2008

26 Weeks and Counting....

This is what 6 pregnancies will do to you...*YIKES* lol

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Megan vs The Window Sill

The Window Sill WON! :(

So miss Megan was on my bed and I hear a thud, some crying, and that's when I see it....the blood. We still aren't sure if she was jumping on the bed, or just fell backwards. Either way her head and the window sill connected in a rather not so nice way.

Here's some pics of her battle wound. These are pretty graphic...so now would be the time to scroll down...hehe

Here's a pic with the staple. Doesn't look much different, but I guess it does the job. He also said that since it was in the hair, no issues with scarring or needing anything more to close the wound.

She did so AWESOME! First she won all the hearts of everyone who worked at the hospital. She was Sweet and totally Polite to all. Even after I explained that she would need stitches, which by the pic above you can tell she actually got a staple, she was totally fine with it.

Dr examine it, cleaned it, put some numbing cream on it and had her lay down for 10 min. He told me it might hurt a little, but it was better this route than to give her 2 shots, and still have to actually sew it up. Since it was in the hair, I was fine with the staple...as was she. :) They told me to have her talk to me, so we were coming up with ways to sneak up on daddy when we got home and surprise him. ;) The tool they used looked very similar to this one:

He gave her the staple and Megan gives me a big smile and says "That didn't even hurt". She was so proud of herself, and I must say...I was more than Proud! She been acting like nothing even happened since we got to the hospital and will have her staple removed in 10 days. Hey, at least this kid didn't require the ambulance ride for her head injury. (that would be Kayla) *wink wink*

Here a pic when we got home. Her hair was in 2 very funny loose ponies to help keep the area exposed for them to do the staple.

Here's a couple of other pics of the Megan, Paige and Aly. They all got Pink Highlights to be like mommy. Kayla got a Blue "Peek a boo", but it didn't stay to well in her hair. I'll get pics of that tomorrow and post, as well as better pics of the girls highlights. =)