Wednesday, December 31, 2008

January's Resolution.

As stated in the blog below, I've decided to follow Sheri's 12 month resolutions system. I will have a New Resolution for each month.

This month....I am going with De-Cluttering our house! I WILL work on one room a day/night. I WILL get the stuff taken to GoodWill and the items that need to be thrown away, thrown away. I WILL go through the clothes and get rid of said clothes with any holes, stains, rips, or items that I just know I will NEVER put my kids in. (I am bad for keeping clothes thinking..well maybe someday, somebody will want to wear that. LOL) I WILL get that room clean. Vacuuming, dusting, wiping things down. I so WANT the De-Cluttered and Clean home. That is my Resolution for January.

I am so BAD about blogging....

I just don't get why I can't remember to get on her and jot down a few notes, thoughts, funnies that my kids make. That is my New Year's Resolution...ok that and to declutter my home, get more organized, pay off debt, save more money, etc. I guess I should throw losing weight in there. haha

I hope you all had a Fantastic Christmas! I know we did, and I got one of the BESTEST presents EVER! Noah gave me his first smile! Talk about a melting the heart moment. Even though I was told how much I would love having a son, nothing prepared me for it. I have the most AMAZING family. I just love them all to pieces!

Ok..enough mushy stuff. We have 5 more days of Winter Break and it's back to school. I am so NOT ready. I like being able to sleep in till 7:30-8am. But I do find that I'm more on top of things when I'm held getting kids to school and being dressed by 8am. Again...part of my New Year's Resolutions.

One of my friends, Sheri, does resolutions by the month instead of the year. I think I'm going to give that a whirl instead. Thanks Sheri!