Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now I remember why we only do family get together every so often...

It was a pretty crazy 18 hours here in the Bechtold house. The kids LOVED having Grandma Gail and Aunt Laura and dad....not so sure.

No matter how much one expresses how well you have to watch 6 kids, they still just don't/won't get it.

No, you can not leave glasses/soda cans just anywhere. They will be drank or dumped. can not just take a drive around the corner leaving a 2, 4, & 5 year old ALONE in the backyard. Not just any backyard, but we live in a Country Club which means on the golf course, with the fences that kids can WALK RIGHT THROUGH!
Especially when there is a big lake on said golf course and a pond right against the neighboring fence and yours. *You are not Allowed Privacy Fences except for 3/4 of your side fence.* (I'll find a pic to show what I'm talking about) is not a good idea to leave the 8 yr old in charge of the kids while you leave to drop off your 52 yr old DAUGHTER around the corner so her friend can pick her up. (Why said friend couldn't come into the country club to pick up Aunt Laura...we have no idea) Then to have the 8 yr old sitting in front of the door to make sure that the younger kids don't go out the front door. Yep...they left the front door unlocked. (we have a double deadbolt for a reason)

When somebody tells you that they do not wish to hear about the details of a very sad and tragic story (which we heard about when it happened) involving a young girl, her mother, and somebody who broke in and was waiting in their apt. PLEASE LISTEN! I have enough Anxieties of the safety of my kids. (and like posted above leave my kids alone the next morning with an unlocked door)

And people thought mama bears were protective. I have never been more in AWE, shocked, and PROUD of my husband when he let his mother have it for actually doing the things above and putting our kids lives in jeopardy. I will say she was so remorseful and apologized over and over again. Which we accepted.

While I know that Grandma Gail and Aunt Laura Love these kids deeply...I can now answer the question that was asked of me in the Grocery store by Aunt Laura. NO if you lived closer I would NOT TRUST you to watch my kids. I trust very few and those few know who they are. There's a reason that Brad and I don't go on many date nights. Having 6 kids, 8 and under is not easy and that's coming from somebody who birthed and is raising them. Would I love more children... you betcha, but if we did....I'm starting to think Date Night may just be have to be in the Backyard. Hahaha.....

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Krysta Dancy MFTI * said...

Whew! Sounds like it was an emotional visit. I bet you're exhausted and ready for some normalcy!