Sunday, February 24, 2008


That would be me today after a very long day yesterday and an even Longer night last night. Poor Brad has worked both days this weekend, Sierra is running a fever and apparently has the flu (took her and the other 4 to Kaiser by myself yesterday in the pouring rain), Alyssa woke up with nightmares, etc....

I'm just BEAT! Oh, and to top it off, I went to my nail appt on Friday with a friend, and my two normal nail ladies weren't there, but some other people were, I walked in and they were ripping up carpet, the spa pedicure chairs were removed (there went my pedi. F$%K!) and my nails turned out like SHIT! So much for enjoying my nail appt and "ME" time.

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Adam's Mom said...

if you look like that polar bear, you are even cuter than I thought LOL love that pictures! I hope Brad can get a breather in soon and that Sierra feels better soon!

Oh and I went to the spa on Friday for an eyebrow wax and they were doing renos too - drywall everywhere, ripped up carpet etc. too funny!