Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday 7th Alyssa!

Wow, my baby isn't really a baby anymore. She's 7 today!

I can't believe how Fast the time has flown by. Alyssa is such a Blessing, and I'm grateful everyday for her. She's an Amazing artist, and will sit patiently for Hours doing some art project, or just coloring me a picture. I'm blown away that 7 years have gone by, and so quickly.

Here's my Gorgeous Birthday Girl! (Don't mind her undone hair, mommy was Lazy...*blushing*)

We had my mom come and watch the girls while we ran all over the Central Valley to get Aly her gift. Aly has been begging for a *pet*, first it was a kitten, mommy said "NO Way!", then it was a bunny, and I was starting to warm up to that, then I went to a mom's group and they had this adorable little thing that was so cute, I rushed home and did my research.

I have the GREATEST Video of her opening her gift, but it won't upload it. :(

We got her a Chinchilla! He's a boy (ok obviously, by the *he*) and an absolute DOLL! He's super FAST, and just a love. He's Great with the girls, totally CLEAN ( a big thing for me), doesn't smell, and just so EASY! (Perfect Pet for me! I didn't want anything to have to spend tons of time on and cleaning up after.)


Tiburon said...

Happy Birthday Aly!! Looks like a great day! What did you name the little rodent? ;)

Jess T said...

Wow! How neat.

Aly looks sooo grown up.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Awww I want a chinchilla. We just got ginea pigs and they aren't half as cute. Just adorable!

Adam's Mom said...

Alyssa is just so beautiful! She looks so grown up and a lot like you! Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Cute chinchilla!

Kristi said...

She is gorgeous.
Is it bad that I only know what a chincilla is from Dora? Teehee

Ida said...

she is a doll so pretty that chinchilla scares me but is super cute