Friday, May 30, 2008

Pukefest 2008....AGAIN???

I swear didn't we just do this???

It all starts technically 2 weeks ago when Kayla ended up in the E/R and the Dr's office for Breathing treatments with a really BAD case of Croup and Chest fun! She was almost admitted, but x-rays/bloodwork came back ok.

Then on Monday morning (long story...but here's the end result) the front of my oven (pretty new from kitchen remodel) glass exploded. Again...How fun!

and here's how it all follows:

Monday: Sierra runs 101-102 fever and come afternoon starts throwing up. Goes to bed with no throwing up...that's the good thing.

11pm Paige (after 4 days of diarrhea) start throwing up....and this continued every 10-15 minutes like clockwork the whole night (and next day) with a fever.

11pm I start throwing up. Yeah...poor Brad at this point. The guy seriously didn't sleep the whole night. We had gone to bed at 10:30pm.

12am Sierra wakes up with 103.5 fever...thankfully no throwing up anymore.

Tuesday: Paige is still throwing up every 10-15 min with diarrhea. Call dr, ends up at hospital dehydrated. So IV fluids and thankfully Zofran for the vomiting. After blood draw and most of the day, they let us go home.

Wednesday: Kayla starts throwing up in the afternoon, and continues all night long every 20-30 min.

Paige still has diarrhea and fever

4am Sierra out of the blue throws up on 2 separate occasions. She too still has fever.

Thursday: Kayla still throwing up and has low grade fever.

Paige...still lethargic and has fever.

Sierra...still has fever. Both Paige and Sierra pretty much stayed at the 101 mark the whole time.

11:00 Megan keeps waking up with a croupy type cough..not quite the barking seal, but not a normal cough either.

12:30 Megan wakes up throwing up. Continues through the night.

Friday: Megan still throwing up, but handling it well.

Kayla was going to school, but something was kinda off so I told her I wanted her to stay home...after much sadness...she agrees. Get in the car to take Aly to school, and she starts throwing up.

Paige....WooHoo...she's almost completely back to normal...talking up a storm, wanted to get dressed and do her hair, drinking. Still not eating, but I'm working on trying to get some little things in. has that wheezy growly type cough, but no vomiting or diarrhea.

Brad...he's doing all he can to keep from throwing up at work, and has a critical lab down (does HVAC) and can't leave work till it's done. :( far so good, but I anticipate tonight or tomorrow will be her turn. If I can stay out of the hospital E/R and dr's office for a few days...I may just make it. top it off...I am a coordinator for our whole 1st grade classes Luau that they are having on Wednesday. So still working on that as well.

If you got this far...BLESS YOUR HEART!

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Katrina said...

Hope you guys feel better soon!