Monday, May 12, 2008

Time just passes by...

I have no excuses! Time just passes by and before I realize....days, weeks, and even a month go by with no posts from me. I will really try harder to get here daily, and to check on all my blogging "friends".

So here's the most recent update on us:

Baby #6 will be gracing us with it's presence around Nov 21st. (all my girls were a week early except for Sierra who came 3 weeks early) So as of today..I'm 12w3d with baby. =) Very EXCITED, and VERY DONE!!! Yeah, I know you have all heard that before. But Seriously...Done! I've talked with many moms who say they "just knew" when they were done, and I was like, cool...I hope I feel that way someday. Someday has COME! We are DONE after this little one.

Aly & Kayla only have 4 more weeks of school. How crazy and exciting! I can't wait for summer, but then again....I will then have a 2nd grader and a 1st grader. I will only have to go to the school 2xs a day. What will I do with myself?

Megan, Paige, & Sierra...Talk about a small mixture of personality. I swear Megan has the biggest Attitude of all 5 girls. We call it "Little Girl Syndrome". Like because she's petite, she has something to prove. lol Yet, she's still a really sweetie with some of the funniest saying/funnies. Paige...I can't believe she's going to be 3 soon. She's growing up and our next feat is POTTY Training. UGH...I figure once school is out, and I can devote a straight week of cleaning floors without having to constantly leave to drop off, pick up, pick up again, then we will start. Sierra...Her latest and to me the funniest thing is her laugh. She likes to throw her head back, cover her mouth and give the Biggest Belly Laugh!!! LOVE IT! She loves being with her sisters and is just so much fun.

Brad...Now there's a busy man! With the weather warming up, he's been busy at work, and busy working on the garden in the back yard. Not to mention he built a friend of ours 3 garden boxes for their family. I tease him that we have more fruit/veggies/garden items on our 7400 sqft lot than most do on an acre. Let me list some of "Brad's Farmers Market":

3 Apple trees
2 Pear trees
8 Blueberry bushes
4 Grape vines
1 Passion Fruit vine
Many..Many Tomato plants in many varieties
3 different type of Pepper plants
Many cucumbers plants, again different varieties
2 Pumpkin plants
4 Artichoke plants
Several kinds of squash (zucchini, spaghetti squash, yellow squash, etc)
Well Over 100 strawberry plants (he has a whole garden box devoted to these alone)
4 Blackberry Bushes (He got those for me..=) and they are thornless!)
1 Avocado tree

Well...that's all I can think of right now. I know there's more, but you get the gist of it. =)

Me...I'm doing better now. Had some morning sickness (before you decide I'm having a boy...I've had it with each one and almost exactly the same as each girl). I'm still tired, but doing much better. Just in the "I feel so fat" stage and don't look pregnant yet. Oh biggie, and soon enough I'll be sporting a big ole belly. haha Just in time for Summer.

And just because nobody has really seen pics of my Beautiful girls lately...My sister came and took these Friday so we could give our mom a pic for Mother's Day. She did a Great job, especially for such an impromptu photo shoot and minutes to get them together. Thankfully I had bought the dresses for a wedding we will be going to over Memorial Day weekend. =)

Here's my babies, and one with my niece as well...Aren't they all GORGEOUS?!?!?!


Katrina said...

It's about time! I check your blog almost every day! haha. When I start updating every day, you turn into what I used to be blogging. ;-) Just teasing. Congrats on the pregnancy! Here's hoping for a boy! hehe. I love the pictures!
Can't wait to see you guys! I am assuming the cute new dresses are for my brother's wedding? =)
Love ya!

Hope Floats said...

What great pictures!

Jenine said...

wow.. I want that garden.. The pics are adorable! Love em!

Aimee said...

I love that Sierra is still a brunette! She stands out. I also think your neice looks so much like your girls. What a bunch of beauties!!!

kayrbair said...

I cant believe how quickly your girls are growing up. Beautiful. And congrats on the new baby

Diane said...

I'm so jealous of your garden!

Dandy said...

Congrats on number 6!! I am so happy for you.

Adam's Mom said...

Sad to hear Megan has attitude - I hope it's not related to her name lol! Love the pictures - your girls are just beautiful! So excited about number six!!!!!!!

JustJamie said...

Wow! What great news. Congrats Mel. I am happy for you.