Thursday, October 4, 2007

Missing the gym.....

I have been slacking on my gym regimen. On a normal day, I drop the older two off at school, and head over to the gym. Every other day I do weights, and the other days I do and Aqua Fit class. This week, and next, the girls are off school. I just can't seem to get myself going and off to the gym. I went Monday, and so far that has been it. **SLACKER** I hear it in my head everyday since then. Between being tired (from CC teething and not sleeping at night) and my period being here, I am just so UN-motivated. Somebody KICK ME IN MY ASS!!!

If only it were that easy.....sigh

I vow that tonight I will go back to having the girls clothes sitting out and waiting for them when they wake up, and I will make it to my 9:15am aqua fit class. I miss the energy I get from going, the sense of accomplishment of doing it, and the overall "good" feeling I get after having gone.

I will probably take the girls to the park after the gym with a couple of my "mom's group" friends...time to get MOTIVATED and enjoy the time with them while they are home. So here's to making TGIF count!


Anonymous said...

I definately commend you on a job well done. That is simply awesome that you are so motivated. I need a kick in my booty...I need to lose 15-20lbs. You Go Girl!!!


Tiburon said...

Good job getting back at it! I wish there was some easy fix too! :)

Jenine said...

Good for you!! just remember I am sweating and and pain with ya.. well kinda. I myself am on a workout/walkout and it really does feel good! Keep going!