Friday, August 17, 2007

House full of Sickies.....UGH

Well, as the title says...All my girls are sick with colds. Aly of course was the first to get it (she ALWAYS is, kinda funny). So I asked her which of her friends were sick, her response....."None of my friends are sick, but Mrs. White has a cold". Her teacher is the one with the cold. Oh well....I guess we would get it sometime, so better to just get it done and over with.

As always, we have been pretty busy. I have some pics, but need to download them. Just another thing to do. :)

Here's a few that I already download of Sierra...(yeah, these were shared at J05 as well)

She's so proud of herself....

Mommy's little home girl.

CC and her big Sister/2nd mommy.


Joani said...

Siera does look very proud of herself, she is beautiful. Love the homegirl pic.
Sorry everyone is sick, that is never fun.

Adam's Mom said...

Sorry everyone is sick! Love the photos though!

Jenine said...

oh my she is toooo cute!!!
It sucky for the sickies!!!:)