Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pain, Late, Frustrated, and Greatful.

Man, what a night last night. Brad called me yesterday and told me that he had rolled his ankle at work. He was walking on it, but it was swelling bad and very sensitive. He somehow made the drive home (hour and 30 min, there was a fire on the commute home). He gets home and can barely walk. I told him he was going to a Dr. So we load the girls into the car to go do our signing on a loan, while he calls his safety director, and I'm calling Kaiser to get him in. Meanwhile...lots of ice and lots of Motrin.

We get to Wells Fargo, and I went inside. It took almost an hour of sitting there with them trying to find our damn loan. Meanwhile Brad's in the car in total pain and the girls are watching a movie. Finally, they find our paperwork (next time when you can't find it, ask another person...duh)I sign it all (which mind you, I knew more about the loan and was walking her through it...again duh this is YOUR job) and thankfully, they were nice enough to walk out to the car to get Brad's signature. So we were supposed to fund this morning on this loan, but she didn't understand this one part, so she had to call this morning and then she will send it it. Thanks for nothing...what part of when I called and said I need this Saturday didn't they GET????

Brad got an appt for 8:30pm. It was now 6pm. So while on this side of town, I exchanged Aly's backpack (hers had broken already....all of 2 weeks use *insert an eye roll here on quality control) at Target, and we headed home. I figured I would call my mom to see if she could help out by watching the girls. She did after some hemming and hawing, and after asking whether it was Karrie or Missy on the phone. (Did it matter??? Yeah...with Karrie there would have been no hemming and hawing, just a "I'm on my way") I am THANKFUL however, for she helped us out for our long night. I explained that we needed to leave in 1 hour (at 7:30pm...I reiterated that many times), it was 6:30pm. I fed the girls, took a shower since I hadn't had one yet, and got the girls in PJ's and pretty much ready for bed.

At 7:40, I'm starting to get peeved, and 7:45 I called...they are almost here (about 10 min out) I even told her..."I should have left 15 min ago mom, why are you late?" There more back story to that, but simply put....she does it to me all the time. Shows up late when she's watching the girls, and I have somewhere that time is important. Example....Dentist, picking my daughter up from school (she says let the baby sleep, I'll stop by after work, don't worry), Dr's appts, When Brad and I were flying to Texas (yep, we almost didn't make it), and the 2 times Brad and I went on a date to catch a movie...(missed the movie both times). And Yeah, most of the time we tell her to be there earlier, just so she will show up on time.

So finally at 8pm, we are leaving. Now the Kaiser we are going to is in Stockton (18 miles to Stockton) however....the Kaiser is on the farthest part of Stockton from our house. Usually I give myself an Hour to get there with the girls. Alone, it takes 45 min. I drove fast and somehow got us there in 35 min. Barely made his appt.

So after barely making it, they see us, send us down to Radiology, back up to the office and the diagnosis is...............................

He has a small chip fracture in his ankle.

He has to wear an immobilizer (basically a brace to support it), lots of Motrin, lots of rest on it, and he's not supposed to go to work on Mon or Tues. I'll be lucky if he takes Monday off.

We left Stockton at 11pm and got home about Midnight. Like I said...I am VERY GRATEFUL that my mom did come watch the girls. They went to bed within an hour of us leaving, and that would have been an even longer and uglier night with 5 girls. We did take Sierra with us, but she's still in the easy stage.

So there was our boring, long, and crazy night. I went to bed at 1am, Paige got up for some reason around 3am, I consoled her, and then Sierra woke up at 4am. Fed her, and then up for the day at 7am. I'm tired, but such is life. Hope you all had better Friday evening then least it's not broken and he's walking better on it now.

I guess this blog turned into mostly a vent about my mom being late.....AGAIN!!!


JustJamie said...

Owie. Poor Brad. What a crazy night. *Hugs*

rachd said...

Oh, man. That all TOTALLY sucks!!!!!


Joani said...

Oh goodness, sounds like a pain. Sorry your mom wasn't there on time. I am glad it was not broken though.

Adam's Mom said...

OUCH what a nasty injury!!! I hope he takes time off!

And your mom - UGH sorry she isn't reliable!!!

Jess T said...

Ouch! Poor ankle.

I hate it when people are late when it really counts. :( Sorry.

Katrina said...

That stinks about Brad's ankle... I have hurt mine before, and it's not fun at all!
If I lived closer, I would babysit for you! ;-)
Miss ya!

Allison said...

oh man, that really sucks! I hope brad's feeling better!