Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The "Tude"

I SWEAR that children's attitudes are starting younger and younger!

Aly has the "Tude" like nobodies business lately. Is it from school, just her age, something that I'm doing? She found herself in quite some trouble last night when she really let it FLARE with Brad. (I must admit that I do like it when she throws it around for him to see...then he doesn't have to just take my word on it.) There's certain phrases that really push my buttons, and I know that she knows just the right ones.

I don't Care!

If you just stop talking, I'll go sit on timeout!

Leave me alone...*insert door slamming to the bathroom here*....(timeout place)

You can't make me!

No, I WON'T! (when asked to do something like go to timeout)

Then there's the whining "tude"..

I just can't take it. (when she doesn't want to wait any further for something, for instance...when she's holding the baby and I'm going pee or something)


I'm just too tired. (this one comes into play when asked to help clean up...sadly her sisters have picked up on it, not that it works for a single one of them....Mommy is tired too, and she didn't make the mess.)

I didn't do that/I didn't make that mess. (see Mommy comment

I just don't remember getting the "tude", and boy did I have it as well, till I was older. She's 6!

I will say, that she will be quite the stand up for herself young lady, and I don't worry as much about people trying to make her do things she doesn't want to. These little ladies can drive me crazy on a good day, but they sure make my world go round. Now how to remind them that world doesn't revolve just around THEM! Hahaha...=)


Sara said...

I want to read about Aly's "tude" but most of your post is in Wingdings. Is that on purpose?

Melissa said...

Should be all fixed now. :)

Jess T said...

Oh boy! I can hardly wait. Syd has been quite, as Jess G puts it, "SPIRITED!"

I have no advice, just sympathy. :) Hang in there and don't kill her. :)

Laci said...

Just a Diva! :)

Joani said...

Did Isabella come to your house today? Sounds just like her. Hope it gets better, utleast thats what I tell myself everyday!

Melissa said...

Joani....I tell myself the same thing. I would LOVE for Isabella to come by. ;)

Toni Lou said...

Wow! I stumbled upon your blog through Jess T. I am in awe. I have three girls 5, 7, and 9. How do you do it? How do you get all that hair up and pretty? I'm so jealous! I'd love to tell you that the 'tude gets better, but my 9 year old is like a little 13 year old with her mouth. I've heard that God only gives us what we can handle. Hope this is true!

JustJamie said...

I can totally relate. You know I am scared to death of the teen years. I am glad you will reach them first to help me get through it when my time comes.