Sunday, November 4, 2007

Campus Beautification

Yesterday (Saturday) was Campus Beautification at Aly and Kayla's School. So Aly, Kayla, Megan, and myself headed over to plant some plants, weed, pick up garbage. I am happy to say that the 4 of us got quite a bit done. I planted 6 trees, and the girls did AWESOME at picking up trash. ( I am very proud of them, while they were picking up trash, all the other kids were playing on the playground) I wasn't a totally meanie...they picked up trash for 30 min and then played pretty much the rest of the day. hehe

I also weeded 2 rather large, and overgrown Kindergarten "Earth Day" garden boxes. Our family was the last ones to leave. It was held from 10am-2pm. The campus looks Great and even though I'm sore...I feel like I did something really good for both my girls, and for their school. I forgot my camera, but I know there were several snapping pics to put in the school newsletter and yearbook. So hopefully I can snag one of those. to spend some time with my family...not gardening. =)


Tiburon said...

Yay for you! Way to make a contribution to the school (as if you don't do a ton for the school already...)

I am enacting a beautification program in my yard - when can we expect you? ;)

Adam's Mom said...

that's so cool! I love that they involve the parents and kids!

Joani said...

How neat, I am sure you were exhausted. I hope you can grab a few pics they took :)

Katrina said...

Sounds like a lot of work, but Fun. =)