Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No School - Happy Thanksgiving!

WooHoo!!! No School today! We are going to be working on getting the house all clean for Thanksgiving. We will be having Thanksgiving here, and it will be just the 7 of us. I very Excited and In Need of some down time with my family. The plan is to cook, bake, deep fry the Turkey, and watch movies. WooHoo, WooHoo!!! There are a couple I'm dying to see (no pun intended lol) I'm a big Action movie person.

Movie line up:

For anybody who Actually knows me won't be surprised by this one....these are my ULTIMATE FAVORITE movie series. There is just something about Bruce Willis (*swooning*)

Escape Clause (Santa Clause 3)

We are all excited to see this one. We Love watching the first 2, so this will be probably one of the first ones we see. (now how can I can convince them that Bruce should come first.....*scratches her chin*)

Oceans 13

Another movie I am eagerly anticipating. Do you see a theme with my movies??? Lots of good ACTION, with Sexy Men. Hahahaha In all seriousness, I really am an Action Movie type of girl. Love stories are ok once in a while, but I need the Thrill and Excitement of Danger and things Blowing Up!

The Polar Express

One of our Family Favorites. To be honest, we have already watched it a few times. But we will probably watch this one again as well, to get all in the Christmas spirit.

If I don't make it back here tomorrow, I hope you all have a SAFE and WONDERFUL..........Turkey Day!


Jess T said...

Gobble Gobble! Happy Turkey Day to You!

Adam's Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Love your movie line up! We saw Die Hard in the theatre - sooo good!

Joani said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. I hope you get the day you are longing for.
I love the movies you listed.