Thursday, November 1, 2007

Butterfly Princess, Pirate, Witch, Devil, and Pumpkin...OH MY!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN a day late! What an exhausting month October was, and Halloween..utterly EXHAUSTING. *said with many yawns*

I was up till 4am starting/finishing Aly's costume, and then got up at 7am to get the girls all ready and off to school. Thankfully Brad stayed home and helped me SO MUCH! We all ( them all dressed and out the door at 9:30am) headed off to school to drop the older two off, and then waited till 10am for the "parade". Which when all was said and done didn't actually start till more like 10:20. The kids were all so Cute/Funny/Scary/and all around AWESOME! Of course my two were the cutest, but that's just a biased mom talking. After the parade, we ran home for 30 min...just long enough to change some diapers, feed Sierra, load up 24 pumpkins in a wheelbarrow (thank you bub), get the snacks for party #1 & party #2, then we headed back to school. Went to party #1 for Kayla, and had fun. Then headed off to party #2 (I'm the room mom in this class) and got that one underway. The kids did GREAT! We did Caramel Apples, Decorated pumpkins (that they picked from our Pumpkin patch set up outside the classroom), some fun Halloween math problems (the safe way to extend any Halloween party without getting into trouble *wink wink*, and Pin the Smile on the Jack O' Lantern. The kids ate tons of snacks brought in by parents (they were so yummy). Then we were done. *falls down to catch a breath*. We headed home after cleaning up, and carved a couple and decorated a couple more pumpkins. Then off we headed to do our Trick or Treating. The girls had lots of FUN! Came home, ate some real food, before letting the girls have 2 candies each, got ready for bed, and then Brad and I PASSED OUT!

Here's are some pics from our Halloween Day....

The skirts that I made:

and here are my Butterfly Princess, Pirate, Witch, Devil, & Pumpkin: (they are so CUTE!!!)


Tiburon said...

Oh my gosh Mel - You did such an amazing job!! Great work. THe girls look gorgeous :)

kaysdee said...


Adam's Mom said...

Melissa: you did such a great job! your girls are BEAUTIFUL! LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes!