Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poster Family for "GET YOUR FLU SHOT!"

Holy crap....it has started pouring in our household again. This week alone, Sierra was diagnosed with Pneumonia, Aly and Kayla with ear infections, Brad with a Sinus infection, and myself with Bronchitis. Paige and Megan have the worst cold/cough I think either of them have ever had. So raspy and phlemy. YUCK!

We were there back on Oct 5th, and I asked about the flu shot. Unfortunately, they didn't get them in till Oct 15th. So I figured....we would be there on Nov 19th for Sierra's "well baby" check, we would get them then. Go figure a week and a half before, we all end up sick! UGH

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Jess T said...

Oh crap! If I were you, I think I'd have to look up some kind of spell for wellness that you can do in your house. :) At this point, I'd try anything.

I'm so sorry. :(