Friday, December 14, 2007

AGAIN....for all who have not gotten their Flu shot.....


Little Paige is SO sick! She has been throwing up since 12:30 last night. Every 15 min like clockwork. I can't believe after maybe 2 hours combined sleep, that Brad got up and went to work. He's a Trooper...*thanks for all your help babe*. I am leaving in about a hour to take her in. She can't keep anything down, and has yet to "pee" a diaper today. I'm trying and trying to get even the slightest fluids in her. Hoping they will also give her something to stop the vomiting. Poor baby got sick in my car both times I had to go the school. I'll update her condition when I get home.

Please, Please....Make SURE YOU GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!!!!

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