Friday, December 7, 2007

It's been an ETERNITY!!!

I haven't blogged in so long, that each time I came to do it, I was horrified at how long it's been, and have so much that has happened that I just say..."oh, I'll do it tomorrow when I have more time". Well a LOT of "tomorrows" have come and gone, and here we are 2+ weeks later. *gasp*

So we had a really nice Thanksgiving, however, Our neighbors did not, well not the dinner part, but how would you like to get a call that your House was on FIRE! Yep...Brad and I were out back deep frying our turkey (yummy, yummy) when Brad commented that you could actually see the tullie fog rolling in. We both figured there must be a fire somewhere. He then noticed that our neighbor had smoke coming from the chimney and we assumed he was having his "first" fire of the year and burning wet wood. We went inside, and all of a sudden Black smoke is POURING all over the backyard. I told Brad to go make sure the our Turkey hadn't caught fire (we knew it hadn't...we've been doing this for many, many years) but just in case. He came running in saying that it was coming from the neighbors Chimney. I instantly thought it was a "chimney" fire. I went running for the front door, threw it open, and SURPRISE...there were 10 fire trucks and literally 200 people watching the show. The trucks had just got there, but we never heard the sirens.

After all that excitement, we were Very Thankful, and enjoyed our dinner as a Healthy, Happy, Grateful Family!

The day after, we all headed out to get our Tree. We had a lot of fun, and found and AMAZINGLY Perfect Tree, with a Fantastic price! It's aprox 11'-11 1/2' ft tall. Gorgeous and smells Awesome. It's a Noble Fir.

Here are a few shots of the girls playing while Brad and I set the tree up, and right after. We are still working on decorating it. hahaha...

I will be better....Tomorrow I will post pics of my Hot Pink Hair!!! =)


Adam's Mom said...

Crazy about the fire! I hope they are all fine!

Love your tree pictures! You and your girls are just stunning! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Joani said...

Oh my goodness Mel. That fire sounds awful, how scary your neighbors must have been.

I love your tree. It is huge. The girls are beautiful. No more slacking either...OK. Pink hair? can't wait to see it.