Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weekend from HELL!

As posted previously, Paige got a stomach bug, and as you can all imagine....IT SPREAD to the rest of us. (minus Kayla & Megan) That as well as has giving me so much anxiety and my poor girls are tired of hearing "are you alright?" "does your tummy hurt?" "do you have to throw up?" "what hurts?" "do you feel ok?".

Saturday was the true day from Hell! Sierra kicked us off, with Aly following a couple hours behind, and then Brad and myself a couple hours after that. We were useless as parents. We were crawling around trying to take care of the girls who were sick, take care of the girls that were well, get ourselves to the bathroom, and keep up with the laundry from the events.

I did however learn a really cool tidbit from my pedi. Did you know that Benadryl has an anti-nausea medicine in it. He told me to give that to the girls. It would help them not throw up, and let them get some sleep as well. Worked pretty good for both Sierra and Aly. Granted they still got sick, but at least they were getting some rest in between, unlike poor Paige who was vomiting, like clockwork, every 15 min for 15 hrs straight.

Ok...I will spare you all the really bad details and just say that we are doing better, but still trying to re-coup. I pray that this Bug doesn't find any of you.

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Katrina said...

Awe, I'm sorry you all got sick! I hope everyone is feeling better now though! =)