Friday, September 14, 2007

Drama in Play Land....

Had a small issue in "Daycare" (or "The Gym" as my girls call it) with Paige. She had apparently pushed a little boy (aprox 1 yr) down, because he was touching Sierra. The teacher even commented..."boy, she sure is protective of her sister" lol They put her on time out, but she sat and screamed, so they came and got me to see if I could calm her down and talk to her. She refused to say Sorry, and after trying 3 times, I followed through with my consequence and told her we were going home. She was very upset about having to leave, but I'm hoping this will make her realize that there are consequences to our actions. Then again...she's 2. None of us were upset over the pushing thing. She got that it wasn't nice, it was the fact that she REFUSED to say sorry to him. Guess I will be working more on that.

To make matters worse......As if being pulled from your class wasn't embarrassing enough, I was standing in the middle of this huge play area (with parents walking in and out) dressed like this (ok..I was wearing a one piece, but you get the idea) trying to talk with Paige. ;) *now THAT is SEXY!!!* lol


Joani said...

Oh no!! Good for you for following through though, that is great!

Jess T said...

Ha ha! I'm glad to hear that it is all around me. :)

Good job for sticking to your word. It is sooo hard to do.