Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Teething, Gassy, Spoiled, Catching something?????

Hook me up!
I have no clue as to what happened last night! I can tell you this much, Sierra was up every 45min-1hr last night and would be up for approx 30 min each time. I'm not sure what was causing this sudden desire to be up and want to play/coo/keep mommy and daddy awake. She would wake up Screaming (literally, like she was in pain) then I would pick her up, and she would calm right down. If I nursed her, she conked right back out, but come on...she doesn't need to eat every 45 min. So I cut that off after the second time she tried to get boobie in under 2 hrs.

I was thinking teething, but like I said, she was fine once I picked her up. I then thought maybe gassy? She did later in the night start burping and farting away, and did actually sleep better after this, but it was in MY bed! And here's where my Spoiled thoughts came into play. I'm not one (personally, but could care less what other do) for kids sleeping in my bed, but I was desperate for some sleep. I went to bed at 11pm, and was up the first time with her at 12am. Poor Brad went to bed at 11pm as well and he gets up at 4am. So he already wasn't getting hardly any sleep, and now to be constantly jerked awake by a scream of pain...I see an early bedtime tonight in our household. off track there for a second, must be the sleepiness getting to me. could this be it? She just wants to sleep with me? I seriously doubt it, but who knows. My only other thought....she's getting sick. I so PRAY that this is not the case, but there is no drainage, cough, fever, nasally sounds....Oh PLEASE don't let this be the reason...I would rather stay up nursing her all night, then have 5 sick kiddos.

I guess it's a good think my mom's group meeting is this morning, cause I don't know if I would trust myself to be lifting weights right now. So the gym will have to wait till later this afternoon/early evening. That will make Aly and Kayla happy...they also like going, but I generally go during school.

To top off this fine morning, it is SO WINDY here today that the clothes I had laid out for them, just won't work for today. Yesterday was 86, today is going to be 73 and WINDY (15-25mph winds) I would say a bit chilly for tank tops and shorts. So off to go dig out some fall like clothing, or at least some t-shirts. =)


Tiburon said...

SUCK! Those nights are awful. I hope that she has a better night tonight.

Joani said...

I terribly remember those nights! Poor mama, I hoe she is not getting sick.

Jess T said...

Sorry. :( Lack of sleep is the WORST!

Katrina said...

Awe, hope she isn't getting sick!

wasn't the wind crazy? I don't know about there, but we were under a severe wind advisory... lol. I love it except for the whole messy hair... doesn't look too good on me. =)

Kristi said...

Do you think she is going through a growth spurt??? You are such a trooper, Mel. I hope she slept better last night for you.