Monday, September 3, 2007

New beds for the girls......

The time had come to move Paigey into a big girl bed and Sierra into the crib. (CC had still been sleeping in the pack n play bassinet up until tonight) Being that the 3 girls were sleeping together in 1 full size bed (we have tried separate beds, but they like would just sleep together anyway) we knew it was time to make the big purchase. So just like when we bought our bed last year, we headed to Costco. =) And what we learned from last time was.....take Costco's prices and head to Sleep Train. They will not only match, but beat Costco's prices, and they deliver as well as take the old mattresses as part of the price. We SCORED!!! We got better mattresses than Costco had and for less than their price.

So on Saturday we bought the mattresses. We got there after 2pm, so had to set it up for next day delivery. No biggie. They show up drop them off, take the old one, and then I realize...wait these are the wrong mattresses. I called the store, and we realized that when she was changing the order for the correct warehouse (where they had to be picked up since Tracy and Discovery Bay are in different Counties, yet 16 miles apart), she put in the 1st mattresses we looked at. Because it was so late in the day, they couldn't deliver them out again, until the next day. I was a little upset that it was taking so long, so she was going to call the warehouse again to see if they could get out the same day. While waiting for her to call back, the manager of Sleep Train called and said that they wouldn't be able to get them out to us on Sunday, but since this was not our fault, and an inconvenience to us, they would give us two sheet sets or 2 mattress pad covers (their pad covers are AWESOME!!! Nothing gets through them, and they are $90 each) for free. They also said that we could just keep the new mattresses that were already here and just use them for the night. I was totally happy with that. Little bit of drama, but in the end...we actually made out. So all in all, we got 4 mattress pad covers, 2 very nice mattresses that were worth $900 each (got them for $400 each) free delivery (twice) and the old mattress and box spring removed. I'm a Happy Camper, and so are the Girls.

Here's some pics from our "New Beds for the Girls" experience!

The girls were so excited yelling out "they're here, they're here"!!! (these are the correct beds)
Bagging up and removing the old "new" ones.

It took us a few hours to finally decide on this configuration.

The girls so EXCITED and testing out the New Beds...

Silly Girls...

Sierra loves the new beds too.

And Paigey loves Sierra... (that's a Pirate's of the Caribbean tattoo on her arm) ;)

Here's some before and afters...(you can see more pics of their room down in my Hurricane AKMPS post) ;)

Before (old pic, but same layout...only difference is pics are up on the wall and lights are up)


The play room adjacent to the girls room before.....(that's Paige playing on the )

and after again....(with Sierra playing on the floor) =)

(the bassinet is an old one..the girls use it as their "babies" bed.)

and just because I think she's so Stinkin CUTE!!!!

So there you have it...our New room/Beds for the girls. Paige did so AWESOME, and took to the big girl bed incredible! Went right to sleep, never got up till morning, went upstairs by herself and took an nap in her bed. She's such a Big Girl now!

I'm working on my Day in the Life of "us" today, so you will get to see pics of my girls all snuggled up in their beds tomorrow. =)


Kristi said...

They look great in the room and man, that is an awesome price. We are trying to decide on either bunks or a full bed so they can sleep together. I love your girls, they are gonna have such a fun time growing up together.

Melissa said...

Thank you Kristi!

My girls are WAY to tomboyish for bunk beds. I know they would be jumping off the top and I would be making several trips to the ER. Maybe when they are older. haha

I love the option of them sleeping together. I think it keeps them "close" and they can't go to mad with each other. lol

MissIda said...

the room looks great you haev such pretty girls hope they enjoy the new beds

Tiburon said...

Mel the room looks great! Glad the beds came and they fit :)

The girls are darling - as usual :)

Jess T said...

I love their room! It is so bright and cheerful!

Allison said...

I cannot get over sierra's dark hair, what a doll!

Adam's Mom said...

How much would I have loved to room my with sisters! What a great idea! Your girls are just so beautiful!

PS love the music!

JustJamie said...

Fun! Did Paige sleep alone or with one...or all of the other girls?