Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Running CRAZY!!!

I swear yesterday and today were/are just those days where you just can NOT catch up.
I'm running ragged and can't seem to catch up.

This morning I think the girls had two speeds. Crawling along, and Standing still. Maybe they too are feeling the effects of running Crazy, but getting them going was Slow going. Off to school they go, and off I go to Target to do some returns. Get that done and Home is my next destination to Clean my home that has been neglected, to say the least. It is never easy to clean with little Monkey's running around pulling out more than you are putting away. Did I mention that I have our Wednesday Morning Mom's meet here tomorrow. So the cleaning HAS to get done. I had to skip the gym this morning to attempt to get some of these tasks done. Thankfully we don't have ballet or gymnastics, or cheer leading tonight, nor the Chiropractor/Costco run.

I do however have all the other little things circling around in my brain. I'm the Room Parent for Alyssa's class and we have the Booville Carnival (on Oct 20th) coming up. Did I also tell you all that I joined the PTA. YIKES...I have become one of those moms.

I had to have flyers ready to go out for tomorrow and try to collect some donations to put our project together. We are doing a Cemetery Theme which should be really cute. (Pics will be posted) ;) We still have to build the cemetery fence, as well as the archway once the donated items are turned in. Thankfully, we have 2 weeks off of school...this Friday is our LAST day!!! WooHoo! I then have a Going away/Birthday party for some friends moving back to LA right after school at the local Pizza place. And then we have 2 more Birthday parties this Saturday. One for our old neighbors son, and one for Aly's friend Sydney. Which reminds me...I forgot to get Birthday presents for everyone while at Target...UGH. Such is how the day is going.

I know it will all come together, and I just keeping looking at the end result....A clean house, Fun Friends coming over, A GREAT Booville presentation, Celebrations of Birthdays (as well as saying Goodbye)...and my Favorite part of all....Brad is Off Work on Monday for something Special! We are getting a reading from Chris Dufresne (Sylvia Brown's son) But that will be another post for Monday. I can't tell you how EXCITED I am for this. Ok...back to work for me. Hope you are all having a Fun and Eventful week.


MissIda said...

you have alot on your plate hope it all works out

Adam's Mom said...

I don't know how you do it! just reading about your day makes me tired! you rock!

as for your reading with Chris! Oh my gonndess! sooo jealous! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Jess T said...

Whew! I need a nap. :)

Ok-so tell me, do you believe in Sylvia Brown?

Tiburon said...

Oh Mel! You are so busy - I honestly don't know how you do it! I can't wait to hear about Chris can you bring my name up?