Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Sierra!!!

So I wrote out a birth story from Sierra's birth, and thought I would share that here. I hope you enjoy. We have had a Wonderful year with our Sweet Girl! She's walking, talking, getting into everything, and loving life with all her sisters. She is an absolute doll, and such a Good Girl!

Here's the story of Sierra's birth:

So we will start with Friday....(Jan 26, 2007)

I had to go return my 24hr urine catch and give blood....oh how fun . I called my mom to see if she wanted to go for a ride and we were talking about how I felt. I had been having this dream about going into labor on the night of the 26th and not being home on the morning of the 27th and missing Megan's 3rd birthday. I also made reference to her that I was actually feeling pretty good. (same thing happened with Paige. The day before labor I made the comment to Brad that I felt pretty good )

So wake up Saturday morning, and was feeling ok. Not too bad, not GREAT, but noticed that my pelvic area felt really loose...hard to explain, but almost like my hips could dislocate really easy. I took Megan to her gymnastics class, and then we went to the grocery store to pick up her Birthday cake and food for the bbq we were having that night for her Birthday and to Thank a friend/coworkers of Brad's for all his help.

So here's a little back story....I never had the nesting instinct, but Brad however DID! He decided that he wanted to rip out half our deck and the hot tub we had in the backyard on Sat.
Before: (ok before we even relandscaping but better visual of the deck...that's Kayla with Brad. These were taken when we were in Escrow on the house)

After: (demo)

So, Brad got his friend/coworker to come help him out and we used his truck to pull the trailer. Later that afternoon, him and his family were coming back over for bbq and birthday celebration....that was the plan.

Another funny quirk...Some may remember that my camera had just died and I was upset, cause I was worried I wouldn't have a camera to take pics of the new baby. So on Friday I went to Costco and bought a new Sony camera. (Great little it) Thinking that the new sony would use the same memory card that my camera used. So Saturday morning I go to try out my new camera (take pics of the destruction to post here about Brad's NESTING. ) and realize that my memory card doesn't fit the new camera. So right before we are all heading off to the dump to get rid of the hot tub and other stuff...I run up to Longs and buy a memory card. I took a few pics of the girls and put the camera in my purse to show Brad on the way to the dump. back to the story. I get back from the store with Megan and we are all just chillin around the house. I'm watching Brad and Dennis rip the deck apart. They finish up, and are leaving for the dump. The girls and I decide we would like to go along for a ride and to get out of the house. So we all get in our truck, and Dennis drives his truck with the trailer.

We arrive at the dump with about 15 minutes till closing time, and the guys ask the guys working there if they could just use the fork lift to lift up the end of the trailer so the hot tub and crap will just fall out. The guys are cool with this, and ask me to move my truck. No Prob...jump in the drivers seat, and pull forward. Then.......................

Did I just pee my pants??? I start thinking about whether I had sneezed or coughed really hard and realize I hadn't. So I shift just a tad and yep....a little trickle. I grab my Nextel and realize that Brad's is also still sitting in the truck with me. So I call Dennis' nextel...It's so loud in there, that he doesn't here it. I had to get out of the truck...meanwhile I'm freaking out about standing up and water running down my legs. I get out, and only a trickle of sorts. I start calling for Brad...he can't hear me, and I don't want to yell, afraid of my water gushing from using my stomach muscles to yell. I finally whistle a few times and he hears me. I tell him to come her and he asks me what wrong......I tell him...."my water just broke". He looks at me in almost a disbelief and says..."your shittin me right?" "nope". Brad spins around, yells at Dennis "Gotta go, her water broke". I have no towels or anything other than my knit sweater in the car, so throw that down and the seat, and away we go. We stop to pay the dump charge, but they need to weigh Dennis' truck again, so Brad (now this is SO UNLIKE him) says here's my American Express, my buddy will be out in a minute (we had already talked to this guy when going in, so he knew who we were talking about) charge my card and just give it to him.

I'm going to try and speed this story I finally convince Brad that we need to go HOME to drop of the girls (since I had NO diaper bag/diapers/nothing for the girls) and that I wanted to get my bag. Against his better judgement, he did it for me. It took several calls to my mom and my sister before finally getting a hold of my mom and she is also on her way to our house.

Arrive home and Brad is getting out of the car. So through Nextel communications....he packs my bag for me and brings me 2 towels. All I could think of was....I'm wrecking my seat, and the brand new yoga capris I had on. I literally took the tags off that morning.

We head off to the hospital, and I start getting some contractions, but nothing worth taking real notice to. I can talk right through them. (They did get somewhat stronger and 3-4 minutes apart) We get to the hospital, and I realize....Hey I haven't taken my last belly pic. So we get out of the car and with Water running (and I mean leaving a puddle) we stop by a tree and take the belly pic!

We get inside, and due to my water being broken and them not wanting to introduce infection, they don't check me. I was put on the monitor, and contractions are showing, but nothing to write home about, and then they started tapering off. I had a full bladder when I got there, and they said the pressure from that was what was making my contractions come.
Being that I was 36w5d when admitted, and that I had just had my GBS test done a few days prior, they didn't know what my results were, and I had to have an antibiotic. They gave me that around 6:30pm and was done by 7pm. Contractions from walking, but still nothing "grand". I walked some more and then was told that I had to have the antibiotics in my system for at least 4 hrs or the baby would have to stay for at least 48hrs and have some testing done. So we just continued to walk and no interventions were made (water breaking).

Well after some walking....Brad and I both realize neither one of us have eaten all day. So he gets the bright idea.....Let's order a pizza and have it delivered. And that's just what he did.
So off we go to walk the halls some more, and we turn the corner heading back to our room to call Tib and Jamie and let them know what's going on, when there he is.....The pizza deliver guy with Brad's Pizza and Soda's. Brad was so happy, he could hardly contain himself. Ask Tib and Jamie...they were talking to him while he was eating his pizza. He was now a VERY HAPPY CAMPER! lol
Sadly...I didn't get any. But to be honest...I didn't really have a big appetite anyway.

10pm rolls around. Contractions have finally decided to make their appearance in a fashion that is worth taking notice. Not too bad, but they are doing their job. Brad is exhausted from being up so early and ripping apart a hot tub (they cut it into 4 pieces) breaking up and moving a concrete pad that the hot tub sat on, and removing the 2nd half of the deck. I told him to lay down for a few and I would go walk the L&D track (the hall makes a big circle around L&D) This is what I came back to...with snoring included. The nurses and I were cracking up.
FF to 11:15...I am in some pretty Intense pain and am starting to feel the transition ( I need some drugs pain) Had this with Paige, and was a 8 almost ready to push. They finally check me (now that the 4hrs window is up) and I'm a 5 I seriously started crying for a moment. Thinking I can't do this when I'm only half way. Brad says...have them break your water, and you KNOW baby will be here soon. They broke my water about 11:30pm and gave me a shot of Phentenul (sp?) similiar to Nubain, but OH SO MUCH BETTER. Very short lived, and actually DOES take the edge off some. That lasted for about 20 min and let me actually relax during contractions. I was now lay in a bed, due to the meds and once they were wearing off they said would you like to rock in the rocking chair? I agreed and while trying to get up off the bed....."I NEED TO PUSH NOW"! It always happens this way for me. They check me and I'm pretty much a 10, but have the smallest of bit of a lip.

So another nurse comes in and says "let's do a practice push, and we'll see how you do. Then if your ready we'll call in a midwife/dr" Brad is telling them...No, you don't understand...she pushes these babies out VERY FAST! You need to get somebody now. Mean while I'm telling them. I'm pushing. The nurse yells STOP, breath through the next contraction (yeah the F$%K right) and out the door she ran. My other nurse ( I had 2 that were so WONDERFUL) gets me to slow my breathing down due to I was starting to hyperventilate due to "trying" to breath through a bear down contraction. I tell her I AM PUSHING, and in walks the dr. With just gloves barely on.....and them still breaking down my bed, babies head is here. 1 more push, and baby is HERE!!! So only 2 pushes...I'm happy with that. They put her on me, and she was crying and had apgar scores of 9 & 9. They left her on my chest under my gown and with a blanket on top of us for about an hour.
The dr said....These are my favorite deliveries...In and out in minutes flat. I had no tearing and really only "labored" from 10pm till when I had her at 12:52am. She was born 52 min after Megan's 3rd Birthday ended.

I got into my room at 4am, and was then told I would be staying for 48 hrs.
Here is Brad and Sierra on Sunday morning before Daddy had to leave, not to return until he picked me up.
and here is Daddy and Sierra sharing their first breakfast of cold Pizza.
I was dying there. My back/butt ached so bad from being in the bed, and I missed my family more than you know. I was begging and pleading with anybody to please let me and Sierra go home. I had a pedi that took pity on me and let Sierra go at 10pm on Monday night. Here are the girls and Brad picking us up at 11pm at night. I was desperate to get home and be with my FAMILY! Here they are....
Well...Speaking of Sierra....She's awake and HUNGRY! I may come back and edit some of this when I have a chance to re-read it...Sorry it was so LONG! Thanks for reading, and for all the congrats and well wishes.

And here is my BIG Girl on her Birthday!!!! Happy Happy Birthday Sierra! =)

Having her Birthday Breakfast...(McDonalds pancakes)

and having some cupcake


Adam's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sierra!

Tiburon said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sierra! What a cutie patootie! It doesn't seem like it has been a whole year since she was born!

kaysdee said...

Happy Birthday, Sierra. She is darling!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Bbay Girl!!! I can't believe she is ONE already!!!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Sierra. What a wonderful birth story!