Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Another Year, come and gone. How does that happen, and so damn FAST! I swear it was just 2006 and yet here we are in 2008. I guess when Life if Happy and Good (ok..most of the time) that little saying is more true than I care to admit. (Time Flies When Your Having FUN)

Wow......2008! 2007 did us pretty good.

We had Sweet Sierra, and what a Blessing she is. She fits so well in our family, and I love seeing the similarities between here and her different sisters. She looks like Aly, has Kayla's build and easy going traits. She does have a feisty side that is so much like Megan, and she Loves to cuddle/snuggle just like Paige. first baby started 1st Grade. She such a "big" person now. Not so much the "little" girl that I want to believe that she is. She's reading like a champ, and so helpful around the house. She is excelling in school and her art....oh my gosh, she's AMAZING!

Kayla...another baby starting school. She's halfway through Kindergarten, and LOVING every minute of it. She has been asking me everyday (we are on winter break) "Do I get to go back to school tomorrow?". She has made so many friends.

Both Aly and Kayla have been in Cheerleading and having a good time.

Megan...She's my Feisty little one. She may be little, but she's Smart & Sharp as a Whip! She comes off with some of the funniest sayings and the Attitude that rivals her older sisters. lol
Her latest funny...Apparently I forgot to throw away a pair of her panties that had a very small stain in them. I threw them to her (not knowing about the stain, and yes they were clean) ;) She starts to put them on and tells me "I can't wear these panties mommy, they have smoke in them!" I was busting up and trying to figure out what she meant by "smoke" in her panties. I asked her did she fart? She said no, and that the panties had Smoke in them. So I go to investigate, and sure enough a small stain. Needless to say, having Smoke in the panties has become a Bechtold Funny, and we are much more cautious about the "smoke" panties and extinguishing them in the garbage on that rare occasion. lol

Little Paigey....Barbie FANATIC! That about describes her day to day. Everything is Barbie. Her movies, her dolls, her slippers, her bike, her dress up, you name it. The girl believes she is Barbie, and I'm all for it. There's nothing cuter than seeing my little one all dressed up in Barbie Ball Gown and dancing while watching her "Barbie" movies. She loves to dance and sing. She is also very sensitive. If you tell her no, or raise your voice, she runs in tears and puts herself on time out. It breaks my heart every time. I have a hard time with it. She will be my tough one when she's older I think. She plays the game...and really WELL. haha

Brad...Well, today was his first day back to work since before Christmas. I think I was more bummed by this than anybody. I LOVE having him home. He's my "Buddy" and I love hanging out with him, or cleaning out the office (ok..not fun, but he motivates me) playing Wii, staying up late watching movies/tv. But back to work he had to go. He's a Hard Worker, and that time off was Wonderful for both him and for us as a family. Now if only everyone wasn't so sick. (whole other post)

As for me...I'm sad and yet Very Happy to see 2008. I'm sad cause it's another year gone, and another year that my girls are getting older. Sad that there were some things that I didn't get accomplished, but So Happy that we have our Health (working on it at least), the Time to accomplish those things, and Another year to spend with my INCREDIBLE FAMILY!!! It was supposed to be "back to the gym" day for me, but Aly's running another fever (again...whole other post on our end of 2007 ILLNESSES..ugh) So I will be heading off to the dr's office, AGAIN.

I hope that your 2007 was as Great as ours, and that your 2008 will be even Better! =)


Jess T said...

Happy New Year!

Tiburon said...

Happy New Year to you! I hope 08 is even better than 07!