Friday, January 25, 2008

She's Walking...officially!

She actually started "taking steps" awhile ago, but we have official walking starting about a week ago. What a bad mommy, that I completely forgot to Blog about it. *ok..totally bad mommy moment* But she is walking, that is when her sisters are carrying her, and when I'm not looking. She doesn't like to walk when mommy is watching. Why would she do that when she can just get me to pick her up.

Sierra is my 2nd latest walker. But I'm assuming it's due to having 4 older sisters who talk, and do the walking for her. lol

I'm proud of my little CC and I can't believe a year is almost here.


Adam's Mom said...

Congrats!!! Adam was the latest walker EVER @ 17.5 months!

She's so cute - I love her hair!

Joani said...

What a sweetie. She is so adorable. Yeah for walking.