Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm OLD? Say What???!

So the girls have been doing a countdown till my birthday (my 32nd birthday) and this morning I was talking with Megan. I said..."Yay, tomorrow is mommies birthday, do you know how old she is?" Megan replies, "Yay, your birthday! I don't know mommy." Me.."take a guess." To which she replies, "I don't know mommy, you're just OLD!" Very funny, and yet it makes me think. I know 32 isn't old, however I'm realizing, that I'm not exactly Young anymore as well. I keep thinking (ok, in my own head, the body disagrees) that I'm still in my late 20's. 8 more years, I will have a child that can get their learning permit to Drive, yep...DRIVE! Where did the years go? How did I get so old? Hey, I can't complain too much. My last 15 years or so have been AWESOME! And look what I have accomplished in those years. I've been married to Brad for 11 years and counting, I have 5 GORGEOUS girls, that are my Everything, we have owned 2 homes, and in the works to get ready to build our "dream home", I had some jobs that I loved, and yeah, so that I didn't, but I've learned alot along the way. I really do have a Wonderful life and come to think of it...I'm not old yet, just very well Established! =) So Happy Early Birthday to Me!!!


Queen B said...

Happy early birthday! My girls always ask me when I will be 100 lol!

Adam's Mom said...

You are not old!!!!! Well, older than me, but not old LOL

Happy early birthday sweetie! Enjoy your day!

Tiburon said...

Happy Birthday! And you will never be older than me! :)