Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday MEGAN!!!

Brad and I were sitting in the hospital 4 years ago awaiting the birth of Miss Megan who was born at 12:10pm. 8lbs 2ozs (1 week early). She gave us quite the scare at birth.

I took the shot of Nubain (sp?) that they offered me, and they broke my water. I was dilated to 8, had my next contraction, and that was it. I was telling Brad I NEED to Push NOW!!! She was a wonderful fairly easy delivery. I basically "grunted" her out, and it took all of 3-4 min. I had 2 midwives, and 3 nurses in there, just for the show. =) (later told by them, that I was one of the Best births she was able to see) *I'm sure they say that to everyone, but I'll choose to just believe it was just to me*

As I had said before, I just received the shot of Nubain, so was pretty out of it. So out of it in fact, it never dawned on me until hours later that they never put her on my tummy after delivery. Brad walked over to the warming table/incubator, and by this time I realized (in my foggy head) that I hadn't heard her cry. I caught Brad's eyes and saw FEAR, she immediately began to cry. I had instant relief. What I didn't know, and wouldn't find out till 2 hours later, was that she had the cord wrapped so tight that they had cut it while her head was the only thing delivered, and she was born not breathing. Brad said my sweet girl was entirely Grey, and they were working on getting her breath like crazy. (This is the reason Brad hates deliveries, it gives him anxiety). They brought her over to me, and told me they wanted to take her to the NICU to warm her up, and her color was still slightly off. I was so oblivious to what had happened and thought nothing of it. Brad of course went with her, and I pretty much dozed in and out.

2 hrs later, a nurse comes in, and I ask where my hubby and baby are. She tells me they should be coming back to the room in a few minutes, that the baby is doing Great now, and that your husband was worried about Brain Damage and that the baby didn't have any. SAY WHAT?!?! I had NO idea what she was talking about and the look on my face gave that away pretty quickly. Right then Brad and Megan came back into the room. He gave me the details, and I was able to hold my Baby! Scary start, but Wonderful ending. So Miss Megan is 4 yrs old today and as Feisty as ever!



Adam's Mom said...

how scary!! She's a beautiful girl! Happy birth-ing day to you and Happy 4 year birthday to Megan! what a doll

kaysdee said...

Happy Birthday Megan.

Joani said...

Happy Birthday Megan. Sweet, sweet girl.

Tiburon said...

Happy Birthday Megan! What a scary birth. She is growing up so fast!